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  1. Hi All, Well it's been nearly 2 months since last posting and nearly 4 months post sah. I felt quite positive after seeing consultant regarding my dizziness in July but my symptoms don't seem to be improving much. Some days I feel like it's going away and then I start feeling poorly, more dizzy, then it's like that for days. Gradually I return to reasonably good health and then it all happens again. Getting myself upset thinking that it's never going to improve. Am I still expecting too much too soon? When the consultant said he expected Hydrocephalus to go away in time I should have asked roughly what sort of timescale he was thinking it would be. I do have a follow up appointment at end of October but he thought I wouldn't need it. I am getting worried that I may need a shunt and that will mean I won't get my car licence back, which means I won't be able to go back to work. Cheers Elaine
  2. Thanks Cassandra for your input, Until this happens to you, you don't realise how many people are affected. I am realising just how lucky I've been to be relatively unscathed. Still early days, went out yesterday with husband for 6 hours and now I'm suffering the consequences, not feeling very good today, so, yes a little at a time. cheers Elaine
  3. Update on my consultation. Seen consultant yesterday and he's very very happy with my recovery. The dizziness is due to hydrocephalus and hopefully the fluid will disperse over time and as it's early days feels putting a shunt in will do more harm than good. As for my hearing my right side has been badly affected and is as bad as my left now but again consultant says this too will improve with time so although I've had my hearing aids adjusted they may need to be re-adjusted over time. All in all it's positive news and I need to be more patient regarding my recovery. Thanks to you all that's replied, unfortunately they were going in my junk mail.
  4. Yes Kay I picked up on that after stopping my medication that insisted I drank an average of 3 litres a day but said could return to normal liquid consumption afterwards so I've upped the quota but early days yet to see if it makes a difference.
  5. Hi Clare and Macca thanks for your feedback I have spoke to my specialist nurse, unfortunately they only work part time so my phone call as only been answered nearly 6 days later. They have emailed the doctor but seem to think nothing is serious and will improve over time. Will let you know if anything comes back from the doctor.
  6. Hi I suffered a SAH on 20th May. I've been discharged from hospital just over 3 weeks now and so glad I've found this site. The thing I've noticed about SAH is the lack of info about what you could be experiencing and no-one professional to ask is this normal how I'm feeling etc. i think I've done really well considering some of the stories I've read, but there's one thing I'm hoping someone can answer. Ive not had too many headaches but I'm walking around from the minute I get up as if I'm permanently drunk which is affecting my balance, I would like to point out that I do wear hearing aids and when I was well enough to wear them I noticed my right ear seems to be affected but not seen any consultants to ask a question. My doctor said wait before seeing my audiologist in case of swelling. Is this a normal reaction and if so does it correct itself, I am aware it's early days yet!
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