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  1. Hi, I suffered a SAH suddenly on an ordinary Wednesday night at home and fell unconscious whilst in the bathroom. I was lucky my partner was nearby, heard me hit the floor and called an ambulance. I had the worst headache ever, felt like an explosion and I knew something catastrophic had happened. I couldn't speak at first it felt like a nightmare. I had surgery the next day via my groin to fit coils and was in hospital for 8 days. I'm now at home recovering and glad to have found this forum, feels like there are so many things happening but I can now read other experiences and share mine so I don't feel so alone with it. I've had a lot of strange things happening in my ears, high pitched noises sound electronic, music sounds distorted (like when you yawn) and I was having sounds in my head I can only describe as like living in a ship's engine room or sometimes having an orchestra in my head - wahhhhh! I've been really sensitive to light too but starting to improve now.... Biggest issues are with tiredness and headaches. Hoping to continue recovering well and get back to the gym and driving at some point over the coming weeks / months. Jen
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