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  1. Thanks Winb143, really appreciate you taking the time read and reply, its nice to know there are people out there. xxx Julie G-B
  2. It all began on 17th February 2017, out of the blue I got the worst head pain ever, the back of my head right hand side. I was only a 2 min walk from home, by the time I got in the house I could hardly speak, I went straight upstairs' and lay down, within minutes I had all the characteristics of a stroke, weakness, slurred speech, mouth drooping on my left etc., my husband rang the ambulance. I was taken to hospital, had a head scan, they said it wasn't a stroke but they found an aneurysm behind my right eye they said the symptoms and aneurysm weren't connected, I was admitted on the stroke ward, they did a lumbar puncture to make sure there was no bleed. I was discharged on the 19th feb. I would receive an out patient appointment to have the aneurysm looked at. I waited 7 weeks, heard nothing, went to my GP, they said give it another 3 weeks and see what happens, in the end I rang the stroke ward at the hospital as I had no idea who I saw or who I was referred too. They said I had been referred weeks previously on further investigation they had lost my paper work! On the 16th June I had an angiogram which showed I had 2 aneurysms behind my eye, on August the 22nd they were coiled and a shunt/stint put in, discharged on the 23rd. Going back in 5 months for another angiogram to make sure all is ok. It has now been decided that I did have a bleed in February. I have had a base headache since February, I'm confused, so so tired, cant find words, a shocking memory, really struggle with light and noise, shooting head pains, neck pain, sometimes my head is just too heavy for my neck, when I'm extra tired my left eye almost closes, just wish I could have just one day off from the head ache. I was told I would be referred to a group meeting in the hospital with others in the same boat as me but yet again heard nothing. I have found this site very interesting and really appreciate people taking the time to put up their stories, I didn't know if I was normal, I feel so out of it and have found some comfort from this. Thanks everyone x
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