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  1. It's interesting you mention driving. Having done some research on this, it commonly happens in exercise, driving a car, sometimes sex. The few other people I've met who had it happen were all driving cars, weird.
  2. Thanks for all your input. That covid story really sounds difficult. Your Covid experience must have been just a terrible,terrible experience. And it makes you think how many people are going through that right now?? It's interesting you mention covid because when this "China Plague" (as Trump calls it, lol) , when this virus thing started, one of the first things that went thru my head was "dont go back to ICU!!" I've been very cautious to not catch it and it's out of my desire to not relive that experience again. The week on ICU when I had my initial bleed was the
  3. I read something in another post about family members in denial and it really hit a chord with me. I had part of my family completely and 100% unable to understand and accept anything that happened to me. They just found it better to ignore and put it out of their minds. It was very frustrating for me. I would like to say I felt abandoned, but I WAS abandoned. Another part of the family had an experienced retired nurse who explained everything. But the other half just gave me the "emperor has no clothes" attitude. Long story short, the marriage ended 6 months later an
  4. I do too. I remember exactly how it felt, exactly. Funny thing, I used to be addicted to smoking (God I hate cigarettes!!!). I tried everything to quit. I was vaping when this happened in my car. I then was in hospital 10 days and quit all smoking in the hospital. Every single time , I walk thru someone's cigarette smoke , or consider smoking, the whole aneurism event comes right back to me . No way will I ever smoke again.It took a brain aneurism to get me to quit smoking.
  5. A very warm welcome. Please, any time, communicate and let others who have been down this path help. I still remember how helpful people were to me. I learned practically nothing from the doctors and everything from here. You are in a very difficult recovery period right now, but it gets a lot better. Chill out, relax, stay off work a long time. relax, relax, relax, relax. And please , know that there are people here very helpful to your recovery. Speaking with people here helped me IMMENSELY. good luck and hope to hear from you soon!!
  6. This topic is me to a T. Wow, it's about time I heard more about this. This is the kind of thing you get here and nowhere else. My doc said what they call this is "need for cognitive rest". You need cognitive rest. I put headphones on when people are blabbermouthing and it annoys me trivial conversations when I'm trying to concentrate. Some people think I'm probably a jerk, but they don't understand what I'm doing.
  7. What a great reply! You I think are earlier out than me. But we both had similiar bleeds. I, too, had really weird behaviour in hospital, with accusations toward family similiar to yours. Strange, how the mind works.
  8. Wow, what a crazy ordeal!!! You deserve to have ptsd from that! Your situation must have been terrifying. I hope you recover from this. You are also recovering from the bleed 4 months out. I had problems for 6 months. Try to see a counselor. Especially one who does ptsd. Your situation was more frightening than most soldiers that have been in battle! you have every right to have severe ptsd, and again, you need to recover. Try to rest, dont dwell on things. Try not to deal with the hospital negligance thing untill you have fully healled, ok??
  9. Hi, I just wanted to briefly say where I am 1 1/2 yrs out. What made me think of it is, I spoke with nurses who have known and worked with me forever and this is what THEY see. Firstly, i am happy and doing great. I am working almost full time.But again, it is best to let Others tell you how you are, because like most men, I am in some denial and want to push forward. Here goes: 1)I am more laid back about life. This has been the best gift of this thing. I fly and visit family, play golf, run, and dont work so hard. My ICU doc told me all young people he sees with this
  10. Great to hear you are recovering. 5 months out, i was a bit of a wreck. Lol. I had emotional issues, would get angry, then cry, it was weird. The problem with brain injuries is , to someone else, you appear normal. If you break your arm, you wear a cast. Everyone sees and understands. But with a brain injury, your strange behaviour makes no sense to other people and they blame you. That is my take. Maybe I should have wore a sign?????I also had sleep problems. They were frustrating. Good luck. I will pray for you.
  11. What a crazy story! i will pray for you. A good point about people in yours-my situation is that we look normal. So it is easy to be surprised when the person has memory-personality problems. When you break a bone, you are in a cast. And everyone sees the cast and expects you to be disabled. But when you have brain damage, you look normal from the outside and you surprise people with your deficits.
  12. Very interesting story! i really appreciated that. Best of luck.
  13. You are so nice. I remember one Saturday , trying so hard to sleep and couldn't. I stayed up until 6 am and was bored out of my mind. At dawn , i went in an uber (I learned about uber in my brain bleed days because I could not drive!), anyway, i took an uber to Church. Arrived an hour early (because I was so bored) and prayed and thank God for letting me live through the whole ordeal without paralysis, etc. The service started at 8 and I promptly fell asleep in the middle of service snoring loudly. Someone rolled me over, I had the good sense to leave and uber back. Everyone though
  14. 7 weeks is still early. You have a mass of blood on yoor brain that irritates the brain and will require more time for that hemoglobin to be resorbed. I had and have eye issues ever since "my event". Expect blurry vision as blood settles in the occipital area. Nothing can be done other than drink lots of water daily and what they call "cognitive rest." Good luck!!
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