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  1. What a great reply! You I think are earlier out than me. But we both had similiar bleeds. I, too, had really weird behaviour in hospital, with accusations toward family similiar to yours. Strange, how the mind works.
  2. Wow, what a crazy ordeal!!! You deserve to have ptsd from that! Your situation must have been terrifying. I hope you recover from this. You are also recovering from the bleed 4 months out. I had problems for 6 months. Try to see a counselor. Especially one who does ptsd. Your situation was more frightening than most soldiers that have been in battle! you have every right to have severe ptsd, and again, you need to recover. Try to rest, dont dwell on things. Try not to deal with the hospital negligance thing untill you have fully healled, ok??
  3. Hi, I just wanted to briefly say where I am 1 1/2 yrs out. What made me think of it is, I spoke with nurses who have known and worked with me forever and this is what THEY see. Firstly, i am happy and doing great. I am working almost full time.But again, it is best to let Others tell you how you are, because like most men, I am in some denial and want to push forward. Here goes: 1)I am more laid back about life. This has been the best gift of this thing. I fly and visit family, play golf, run, and dont work so hard. My ICU doc told me all young people he sees with this are uptight workaholics and that was me. I was kind of a miserable workaholic before and not now. YEAH!!! Thank you!!! 2)I cannot learn some things. I read a lot and am learning spanish. Why???? Bcz i am trying to prove I can do it. But the other night, i went to a salsa class and just could NOT learn it. 4 steps, could not do 4 steps. I can learn on my own (ie:learning spanish) but if someone verbally shows me, i can not learn it. simple things.Frustrating. 3)this is funny, but i put things in particular places and they MUST be there or I get angry. This is all after the bleed. I had a rentacar the other day. And immediately after getting in, I rearrange everything to where it "lives" in my home car. Things must live in their place!!!I have some fear of losing things. My mind cannot remember where i put it. So i always put it one place only. When parking the car I always park in same spot. Each place i go has one spot. Or else i will never find the car. 4)I am more adhd now. So say my coworkers. "we have to keep you on track" they say. 5)my emotions go up and down. This is a tough one, because I do stupid things and people blame me. I think the emotion center of my brain was damaged. This causes me trouble because noone wants a doctor with emotion issues, right?? 6)I meet people, then remeet them. Funny. 7)I repeat myself a lot. This annoys people. They tell me all the time. "you already told me that". I get that a lot. (just reading this post, i noticed i have repeated the "learning spanish" thing 4 x already, jeeeeesh!) 8)My short term memory is TERRIBLE. What were we talking about??? Just kidding. But seriously, if i am in a restaurant and get up to grab a fork, half way there I have no idea what I went there for. So I say to myself "fork,fork , fork, fork" and then the person near me says "what did you say??" And i say "fork". And they say "why are you saying fork?" It is daily comedy in my life. 9)I have eliminated toxic people from my life. Another gift of this experience. I used to be polite to them out of politeness. No longer. They have been deleted. I also remember , very clearly, who came out of the woodwork to help me through this crazy ordeal, and I remember very clearly who abandoned me and pretty much left me to die. My deficits are comical to me. They show something of how the mind works. I can memorize the past preterite tense of spanish of an irregular verb, BUT cannot remember where the car is! I have strengthened my relationship God thru this ordeal and thank Him every day for my recovery and new life!! I am probably more glad that im not paralyzed then dead. I was very lucky to be alive, not paralyzed, back to work. So you will never hear me complain about my deficits. To me, they are comedy. I thank God every day for my new life!
  4. Great to hear you are recovering. 5 months out, i was a bit of a wreck. Lol. I had emotional issues, would get angry, then cry, it was weird. The problem with brain injuries is , to someone else, you appear normal. If you break your arm, you wear a cast. Everyone sees and understands. But with a brain injury, your strange behaviour makes no sense to other people and they blame you. That is my take. Maybe I should have wore a sign?????I also had sleep problems. They were frustrating. Good luck. I will pray for you.
  5. What a crazy story! i will pray for you. A good point about people in yours-my situation is that we look normal. So it is easy to be surprised when the person has memory-personality problems. When you break a bone, you are in a cast. And everyone sees the cast and expects you to be disabled. But when you have brain damage, you look normal from the outside and you surprise people with your deficits.
  6. Very interesting story! i really appreciated that. Best of luck.
  7. You are so nice. I remember one Saturday , trying so hard to sleep and couldn't. I stayed up until 6 am and was bored out of my mind. At dawn , i went in an uber (I learned about uber in my brain bleed days because I could not drive!), anyway, i took an uber to Church. Arrived an hour early (because I was so bored) and prayed and thank God for letting me live through the whole ordeal without paralysis, etc. The service started at 8 and I promptly fell asleep in the middle of service snoring loudly. Someone rolled me over, I had the good sense to leave and uber back. Everyone thought I was on drugs!!
  8. 7 weeks is still early. You have a mass of blood on yoor brain that irritates the brain and will require more time for that hemoglobin to be resorbed. I had and have eye issues ever since "my event". Expect blurry vision as blood settles in the occipital area. Nothing can be done other than drink lots of water daily and what they call "cognitive rest." Good luck!!
  9. it sounds like they are doing a VERY thorough job, especially your second doc. Do understand that bleeds can be either 1)arterial (larger, higher death rate) or 2)venous (slower, but still very serious.) An angiogram only finds ARTERIAL aneurisms, not venous. If "no aneurism found" that means it was a venous rupture of the blood vessel causing the bleed. Your first doc feels that your bleed was venous. Your second doc is concerned it may have been arterial due to the large volumes of blood. My advice: do whatever your doc says, they seem very thorough to me. Getting a 2nd opinion is always good. Get hypertension treated well. Good luck.
  10. Great advice "water, rest, time, reduce noises and stress". I also found when my brain went into its "foggy" periods, simple sugars help. I would bring hot chocolate to work and add sugar to it, and it helped! It is a known scientific fact that the brain only uses simple sugars for energy.
  11. Wow, what great evidence. 5 yrs followup, 250 patients, found no rebleed. I do wish it were 20 yrs or more, but otherwise good.
  12. At the end of the day, the 4 months after SAH are going to be hard and your doc can't help you. The blood has to be resorbed, and as it is, it will be an irritant that will cause you many,many problems. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I wish you the best and will pray for you.
  13. From reading your experience, and please dont take this the wrong way, but you were kind of "left on the shelf". You were frankly mistreated by your local medical community. Im not going to get into politics , but you live in a country with socialized medicine. The money is not there in the system to give people comprehensive follow up. Everything is "free" , but the standard is lower. That is why it is very important now to have close family support, rest, time off work, stress reduction to let your brain get its rest. If you feel strongly that your local medical system abandoned you (and it sounds like they kind of did), perhaps a letter to the newspaper or local politicians would help. Good luck with the recovery, that is a very hard time. If it makes you feel better, my care in the hospital was probably far superior to yours, but once discharged, my GP really didn't know how to deal with me. This website really guided me, not the GP.
  14. I frankly learned more from this website than from any doctor. The first 4 months post sah were very hard for me. Try to read other peoples posts as it helped me immensely. Daffodil is someone whom you should read all her posts.
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