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  1. Hi Johnnie/Ally/ all Quick update on my sons recent Estermann test. More improvement. Still falling just short of the 50degrees DVLA criteria but full central vision & a very good clear central line. Peripheral vision present after 80degrees too 👍🏼 Moving forward and hope DVLA consider his exceptional case application. So thankful to this site. All the the best for 2019 Lyne
  2. Thank you. Very much appreciated. I’m doing ok Ally thank you. I’ll be after mine back in January but hope it’s straight forward for me. Need to get back to work. Safe journeys Lyne x
  3. So very pleased for you Allyc. My son is in process of his application under exceptional case. Can please I ask about your Esterman vision test ? My sons has improved greatly where has full central vision, and now only 4 scattered points missed in top left quadrant under the required 50 degrees on left. He does have more on lower. Are you able to please share a screenshot of your test for comparison ? We discovered this thread & Johnny shared this a while back which encouraged my son to apply. It would really help to build up a bigger picture of how the DVLA operates although we understand everyone is individual & each case is different. If you would like to private message me on this site. Well done. I am so over the moon for you. I know what it means having independence taken away. I too have surrendered my license post brain surgery for removal if large brain tumour. So we both can’t drive and having matching craniotomy scars. We look more alike than ever is the family joke at the moment. Take care. Be safe. Regards Lyne
  4. Well done Allyc. Huge congrats. So pleased for you. Great news there is a Sheffield centre too. Chuffed for you Lyne
  5. Wow what a great trip to look forward to Johnnie. We keep looking forward too Ally thank you, we have the support of a lovely Optometrist at Specsavers who does private DVLA Esterman field tests. All the best to you lyne
  6. Hi Johnnie Update. Esterman. Can see central vision still very good. Peripheral only JUST short of required DVLA 50 degrees for exceptional case appeal. Improvement on top quarter field too. All paperwork sent to DVLA. We await their view ....... In the meantime because I was rushed to hospital with a benign large brain tumour & had emergency surgery! I now can’t drive for 6 months. You couldn’t write it. I keep moving forward though (on foot of course) hope you’re well. Lyne
  7. Thanks Johnnie. Much appreciate your reply. He is at SpecSavers today for follow-up Esterman. I will put the 4 up together later today with the App I downloaded. Thanks, enjoy the remnants of the Indian summer Lyne
  8. Hi Super Mario Thanks for the photo tip. It’s so hard to see Esterman results online to compare to. He has 20/20 central vision but on fixation only the left at approx 40degrees pops up. Short of the DVLA 50 degrees above below horizontal. I was looking at Johnnies test results & it gave us some hope never say never As we were planning his exceptional case application recently I fell seriously ill and was admitted to hospital for a tangerine size benign tumour removed 2 weeks ago by craniotomy. We now exactly a year apart have matching scars. So surreal. Thanks again Lyne
  9. Reading the thread it’s great news about your license. My son reapplies next month after 12 months. He ticks all the criteria & letter from Neuro opthamologist says isolated & no Diplopia etc. His OT has made a report on his ‘adaptation’ & his GP on board. He has left peripheral loss that only shows up on field tests. He’s returned to work & doing a degree. Won recent go karting competitions, closest to driving. The opthamologist is still calling it homonymous heamiopia but he has full central vision and lots passed 75degrees. I have attached his SpecSavers Esterman & would welcome your comments. Your thread is inspiring Lyne ?? (Says photo of results too large? Could I email perhaps? Or post it in thread?)
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