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  1. The ER doctor told me I was having a stroke. The trauma center doctor also confirmed it was a stroke but provided additional information specific to SAH. A surreal experience, especially for my family. Dan
  2. Thanks for the warm welcome and the tip on staying hydrated. I drank 2 liters today; we'll see how tomorrow goes. I also use my phone to remind me of everything and when someone asks me for something at work I request they send me an email as a reminder. Thanks again, Dan
  3. Hi, my name is Dan. I found the BTG site early in my recovery and found solace in reading about other people’s experiences. I suffered a non-aneurysmal SAH on November 10th, 2017. I took a day off work to complete some home projects and suddenly had a headache that increased in intensity over a couple of hours. I made it to the hospital ER where a CT confirmed bleeding in my brain. I lost consciousness, had seizures and was air lifted to the Ohio State University Medical Center where I spent the next six days. Testing included an angiogram and several CT, MRI, and MRA scans. No structural reason found for the bleed. No medical history risk factors for stroke. After discharge I continued to have severe headaches and trouble concentrating. At my neurosurgery follow-up on December 20, 2017 the doctor reluctantly cleared me to return to work with my promise to take it easy. Headaches and concentration issues continued. Now, 8 months post SAH I’m still working but have headaches every day. Some are short and intense; others are less painful but last for hours. My Short term memory is worse. I’ve seen a neurologist but no solutions; however things could be so much worse. I’m truly fortunate. My family and friends are very supportive and my recovery has been nothing short of amazing. I hope everyone here continues to improve finds balance in their lives.
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