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  1. Thank you I have tried to talk to him about it but not sure he is understanding enough. I also agree and think he has not accepted what happened he thinks he can just be the same as he was before. I am worried he will crash before long and become ill again. I will show him what you have written as well. Thank you
  2. Thank you I will find the article and read it. He tends to come home from work eat his tea then goes to bed. Hopefully it will get better.
  3. I switched the coffee to decaffeinated after the SAH. Will try to get him to drink more water as well. Thank you.
  4. Hi he did a phased return for 8 weeks then went back full time. He has tried to speak to his boss but to be honest I don't think they realise how ill he has been as to look at him he looks fine. I will show him what you have been saying and see if he will now slow down but I don't hold out much hope. Thank you for being there for me to have someone to talk to as it helps me understand as well. He is drinking plenty of fluid but most of it is coffee. I really think he is in denial himself as to what happened.
  5. Hi Tina Thanks for your reply I wish he would and could reduce his hours but unfortunately as a manager and being a perfectionist workaholic he won't do this. I have tried to explain to him that this is the reason why he feels like he does but it falls on deaf ears (as the saying goes). I really worry that he will become ill again but all I can do is be there to support him.
  6. Hi I am hoping for some advice my husband had a SAH in Jan 2017, he had it coiled, and was away from work for about 8wks. He then went back working his normal 12hr days x 5 weekly. The question I have is he is constantly asleep on his days off, he wakes after 9hrs sleep can stay awake for about an 1hr then will go back again for about 4hrs, he is getting frustrated with this and says he should not be like this now. Second question his short term memory appears to be getting worse he can't remember little things like shopping lists, I have to write them down now, he also booked an appointment on a Friday for the Monday and forgot he had booked it, tells me something then 5 minutes later will tell me again, these are a few of them. His memory was ok after the SAH the memory problem has been getting worse over the last 6mths. I should say he also has another unruptured aneurysm they are scanning yearly. Sorry for the long message any advice would help me understand please.
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