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  1. Hello! I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to find this site! I am 48 and now 5 months post SAH and just over 4 months from the surgery to fix the AVF that caused the bleed. I spent a month in the ICU. I had an EVD in my head for all but 5 days of my hospital stay. On the outside I look fine. I am very thankful I have little to no physical damage from the stroke. I do suffer from short term memory loss and all the frustration that goes with it. Fatigue is not as bad as it has been. I do have headaches. Some days they seem to be worse than others. Sometimes my head is a barometer and I can hardly take it. Most meds just dull the pain. I am not back to work. Reading the posts on this site has encouraged me more than expected. It seems most of what I am feeling is normal. I do live in fear that a bad headache is going to lead to something more. Sometimes that fear can shut down my activity for the day. How long until you relaxed enough to live life? Some days feel very “normal” and others it’s a struggle to do basic activities. Any suggestions for my recovery? Thank you! Sherry
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