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  1. Hey all. New on here so go easy on me 😁 Long story short: 2014 - I was diagnosed as having a Non-Aneurysm SAH. The onset symptoms were a so severe that my GP thought I'd had a full-on stroke. I got a shooting pain in the back of my neck and was unable to turn my head without it being excruciating. Initially I felt like it was a muscle spasm but then the classic thunderclap headache and offset gait snuck up on me. The hospital I went to were perplexed at first. I had a CT scan followed by an MRI and then a spinal tap/lumber puncture. I was discharged after a week and told to report back with any immediate symptoms. In the weeks following, I saw an ophthalmologist for double vision and hearing loss on my right side. Then, six months later I was sitting at home an experienced a severe dizzy spell (much like a sudden vertigo onset). I (stupidly) chalked it up to exactly that and went to bed. Woke up after sleeping 16 hours feeling no better. My wife took me to hospital and they immediately admitted me in the same way as before. After another MRI, I met with a neurologist. He told me that the MRI results identified a cerebrovascular issue and that my brain was not adequately getting the right balance of blood/oxygen. I was prescribed verapamil for daily use. Fast forward to 2019, I recently saw a new neurologist for a checkup. My primary issue of late has been significant short term memory loss. They have referred me to a neuro psychologist to get this assessed. Other than that, the medication I use helps combat the following: - Sudden headaches that begin behind my eyes with aura (much like an ocular migraine) - Pain in my ears and an echoing in my hearing - Speech disruption The speech disruption has me very confused. I will be speaking normally (usually when trying to explain something) - For example: "The weather this weekend is supposed to be bright and sunny" But instead: "The weather this benefit will be bright and sunny" This seems to happen a lot more these days. The word confusion is worrying for sure, tied in with memory loss. Anyone else on here have a similar experience? I am yet to find anyone else with such complicated (and ongoing) pathology.. Thanks folks!
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