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  1. I'll be three years post bleed in March and I live with headaches but I've never heard the term "Ice Pick Headache.' I can ALWAYS feel my head in the location of the original pain. Sometimes it's not bad thankfully but it escalates and can be severe. Sigh. My Internist gave me another MRI which was normal so I realized that I'm probably just going to live with it... It is sad to read your stories on the one hand and then on the other I realize it's a part of this bleed.
  2. I'm so thankful that you posted this. Reading the comments from others is helpful as well because we really are in an exclusive group aren't we? I won't give you any advice but I'll just thank you for posting and when my 3 year anniversary comes up in March I hope I can express my feelings as well.
  3. Subs, Thank you for that. I have seen many highs and lows to be sure and I see my family dealing with it all in a loving and patient way. I read somewhere that we don't LOOK different on the outside.....
  4. I just found this site! I"m coming up on three years since my SAH. I am so excited to read the experiences of others who had a similar experience. In March 2017, I took my dog for a walk as normal. I was a healthy 59 year old with a history of exercise and regularly jog, lift weights and achieved a 4th degree black belt. No one has ever accused me of being a delicate flower so when I experienced a headache so severe it almost brought me to my knees I knew something was seriously wrong. This was pain!.... I'm not sure exactly how I made it home as i was probably 1/4 mile when the pain occurred. I remember looking in one of the houses as I passed and wondered if anyone saw me holding my head and moaning. Funny what you think about and remember. Thank God for my husband who called 911. There are many details around that call and the trip to a community hospital that would make you cringe, but thankfully I made it to Massachusetts General Hospital that afternoon. No coiling needed! I was home after a few days. I did have severe back pain a few days after and was told it was the blood in my spinal cord and it would go away. Looking back............ I assumed the head pain would go away too. I was most certainly much better than it was at onset, but still there. So what does one do after an event such as this? Carry on! "I'm fine!!" "Fine, Fine, Fine!" So grateful to be alive and off to church I went thanking the Lord for my husband, my family, modern medicine and a Savior who loves me. Let me say I'm a person who hardly ever had a headache. Now as days grew into months I continued to have a buzzing, painful sensation in the exact same place as the excruciating bleed. Someone described a crescendo type of pain that would decrescendo and sort of fizzle out. In my desire to carry on I just power through it when it's bad but that results in fatigue and tiredness that feels like a weighted blanket on my body! I also noticed that I have trouble recollecting things. For example, repeating a list or instructions is impossible. Some would ascribe it to my age... but I can put in on the calendar as happening the day of my SAH. Anyhow, that' my story in a nutshell. I still get the buzzing headache and I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced it? If you took time out of your day to read my story this far I thank you. And to all the wonderful folks on here who have shared and supported others thank you as well.
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