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  1. Now I am 14 months in still having severe pulsating tinnitus. Managed to exercise and do Wim Hof method to increase my energy levels and completed some long distance rides. Doctor has prescribed indomethacin as said the angio and bleed could of irritated the nerve around the ear which can cause tinnitus. I have found out I have slight hearing loss on that side where the tinnitus is. When I had the haemorrhage what I can remember if it was a clap on the left hand side of my head and then a pumping pulsing feeling on that side. Funny how its all on the left s
  2. HI. I had a NASH in Nov 2019 where I was admitted to a neuro department for angiograms and tests and started on the medication nopodamine where I had a severe skin reaction to the drug. The ct scan did not show a bleed on the brain and it was picked up by a lumber puncture. I had all the symptoms of a subarachnoid hemmorage. Whilst in hospital I had all kinds of problems with spots in eyes blurry zones in eyes and insomnia and once starting to get to sleep and what seem like someone knocking my head woke me up.I was very weak but very lucky as some had severe disabilities and
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