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  1. HI. I had a NASH in Nov 2019 where I was admitted to a neuro department for angiograms and tests and started on the medication nopodamine where I had a severe skin reaction to the drug. The ct scan did not show a bleed on the brain and it was picked up by a lumber puncture. I had all the symptoms of a subarachnoid hemmorage. Whilst in hospital I had all kinds of problems with spots in eyes blurry zones in eyes and insomnia and once starting to get to sleep and what seem like someone knocking my head woke me up.I was very weak but very lucky as some had severe disabilities and I was lucky to keep the use of my arms and legs. Now six months later I suffer with black spots in my eyes blurring vision and pulsating tinnitus which comes and goes and fatigue.Feels like you are going to bleed again and can be quite daunting. Its seems that my Doctors don't really understand what goes on in recovery and is hard to pin down where the problem is coming from. I cant understand how they cant tell where the bleed came from as there were no burst anuerysms they did mention it could seal itself up. They said it was an non anuerysm subarachnoid hemorrhage. During the angiograms when injecting dye I had pain in my right ear which was the side of where I felt the pulsating and the severe pain when the bleed happened I had a femoral and radial catheter inserted for the procedures after the radial test I developed a clot in my arm which they said they couldn't do anything for it. I've got to admit the fatigue the headaches and all the smell anxiety and funny sensations where horrendous for about 4 months. I have again been left with pulsating tinnitus and eye spots and blurring and also problems with words. Can anyone shed light on if this is permanent and should I be having further scans as no bleed point was identified? It just seems to me they are not interested.
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