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  1. I’ve been back to work full time for several months. I guess what’s tough is that if I didn’t work that is a huge emotional burden but when I do work it is probably harder on me physically. I guess what I was curious most about was if this was a common feeling that people have. It’s hard not to think that you should be past all of this when you still may have a ways to go. i really appreciate all of the information and support from this group!
  2. I’m now about 4.5 months post NASAH and have a question for the members here. Towards the end of every day I get jittery and can’t relax. It almost feels like I’m really tired but can’t sleep. It’s exhausting but I can’t sleep so the rest when I can thing doesn’t help. Thanks for your input.
  3. Doing all of this during the whole Covid thing has made things more difficult too. It’s hard for anyone to find a sense of normalcy let alone trying to find my way back after a traumatic event. I’ll be ok. Just glad to hear that I’m not the only one that has dealt with the emotional side of recovery too.
  4. I had a NASAH 4/29/20. I was in my basement lifting weights and felt a twinge in the back of my neck. I figured that I pulled a muscle in my neck because at 49 years old things like that tend to happen pretty frequently. I tried to stretch it out but after about 15 minutes I got really nauseous and knew something was wrong. Called 911 and the ambulance took me to the hospital. Luckily for me, 2 of my good friends were on call and they figured out what was going on pretty quickly. The fentanyl wouldn’t touch the headache. They immediately airlifted me to Vanderbilt where I was in ICU
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