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  1. Hi Allejam, I’m not a med professional, but perhaps it could be nerve - related pain, not the teeth itself but the nerves surrounding them (neuralgia pain). I went to several dental professionals who led me back to my neurologist, who diagnosed the pain as trigeminal neuralgia and prescribed the only med that eradicated the pain. I hope you feel better soon!! A hot compress in the interim was helpful for me as well.
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    Hello All, I found this forum awhile ago, but wasn’t ready to share my experience or read too much of others’ yet. I am today. About 2 yrs ago I suffered a ruptured SAH. At 24 yrs old, this was undoubtedly the most traumatic experience in my life, still holds that title, and most likely will for the rest of my life. It occurred during the first week of my new job, my first stepping stone into the corporate world. I woke up one night to a ridiculous headache and vomiting water. I naively thought I had some sort of flu, but also knew something was definitel
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