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  1. Many thanks for your words and it makes sense now. I have had recurring severe headaches and nausea now for around 6 months but didn't think anything about it until I received notification from neurologist, still waiting on my GP getting back to me. As for reading and processing I definitely struggle. I love listening to music but only on my level, but don't like noisy pubs etc or noisy grandkids in the house and I get angry with myself when I shout at them to keep the noise down, they are too young to understand really. Take care.
  2. Many thanks,I've had look and brings back some memories,some I don't have clue but others stood out,funny that isn't it
  3. Many thanks,so glad I found it again. Regards
  4. Hi Jess Thank you for replying,yeah I should ask my GP, with regards to reading,it's been 6 years now and still no better,I do things like scrabble,but due to having to concentrate for a period of time then that's when the headaches and nausea begins ,it's like a vicious circle but physically I'm fine,and I never forget I'm a lucky one. Take care.
  5. Hi My name is Davie, I'm 63 years old and now medically retired following a SAH in 2015 which was coiled, unfortunately I have been left with cognitive memory issues,and chronic headaches and fatigue. I found this site a couple of years back but don't remember anything about that time I was on, and because I have my struggles at times like many on this site,no one from the outside seem to understand so if you don't mind me coming back on I would be most grateful...and I have now written my email and password down on a post it Note so that I won't forget. Regards David
  6. Hi everyone. I had a SAH 2015 (coiling)and have had regular mri/ma scans,but on my recent scan in July, the report back from neuroscience dept says that I now have a recurrence of the bleed,but nothing else was mentioned in the letter and God knows how long I now need to wait until a decision is made on how it will be dealt with. Has anyone had a similar experience. I am now 63 years old and was medically retired after working since I was 15 because I failed a cognitive assessment by employer even though I knew something was wrong as I have difficulty processing anything that's written such as books,newspapers etc,so now I listen to music most of the time and few other things since my original operation. Thank you in advance .
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