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    I am 45 year old woman from Alloa in Scotland. I have one son aged 25 who lives in Glasgow. I work as a typist/proof reader for a transcription outsource company.
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    Senior transcriptionist
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    13 July 2013

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  1. Hi all I hope all are well. It is now nearly two weeks since my bleed and I am noticing more effects. My speech is very bitty and stutters mainly when tired or nervous. I am still having the not quite here feeling and cannot believe how easily I get tired. It's good to know there are others who know how this feels and my family are being very supportive. Now comes the realisation of financial problems as obviously I cannot work. Some people are saying I may be off work for minimum three months and then may only manage part time and I have decided not to worry too much. Have been in touch with housing association and got forms for benefits and will take things one day at a time. As I said hope all is well with everyone we just soldier on x x Kerry
  2. Thanks Sandi and Daffodil, all input welcome though regards what you said Sandi I don't really know how serious it is either all I know is been told to rest. I don't feel all quite here and it still doesn't seem real at the moment, I haven't cried or anything just kind of numb. I suppose might be protective thing in a way. See GP Thursday so if pain not better will ask about stronger painkiller I am taking highest co-codomal and it not helping much x x hope all who have responded are feeling well and taking care of selves x
  3. Yes asked consultant just didn't realise how bad it is hardly notice headache but this pain awful. Hope it doesn't last too long. X
  4. Thanks all its nice. Not to feel alone. I haven't tried to do much so far so not tested my limitations. I have noticed pauses during speaking and less tolerant to other people which is natural I suppose. I am trying to drink all the fluids which is suppressing my appetite quite a bit already losing weight despite not smoking. The pain in my buttocks and down my legs is the worst thing at the moment. Thank you all for responding to my thread. X x
  5. Hi I am a 45 year old woman and I suffered my SAH (unexplained) on 13 July. I had felt a bit odd and really tired and woolly headed for a couple of days previous to it occurring and put this down to effects of sleeping pills I had gotten from GP because I hadn't been sleeping well for a while. I was going to a friend's party and we had only just arrived when I experienced the worst pain in my head which radiated down to my neck. I asked her for painkillers and sat outside for a bit to see if it would help but I just felt odd, not sick just agony in head and not quite "there". My husband thought it was a migraine but when I got home I called out of hours service and they sent paramedics who advised I should go to hospital. On arrival I was told they thought it could be a severe headache but because of symptoms in head and neck would like to keep me in to check. I was taken for ct scan the following day which was later repeated with dye but they found nothing so they decided to do a lumbar puncture which confirmed the bleed. I was transferred to hospital in Edinburgh on Monday for angiogram? Unsure if that or angiography anyway was prescribed pills to treat aneurysm just in case which was a nightmare as they had to try heighten my blood pressure as it is naturally low. I had the scan on Tuesday and it was clear save for the fact I apparently have unique plumbing in my brain...I always knew I was a bit odd. I got out of hospital yesterday (17 July so was mot in hospital long?) with painkillers and am bemused. I don't quite know how I should feel, I am tired and still don't feel quite here, head ache and pains in buttocks and legs. I am sooo lucky and I realise this but feel a bit of a fraud. I don't know if I should be hoovering etc or what, and feel a bit like I am being lazy. I have a bit of short term memory loss and am sometimes cutting off halfway through sentences forgetting what I was talking about and having problems thinking of simple words. Some of the things people hsve been through on here are awful and I feel like someone up therè must be looking out for me
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