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I just wanted to recommend a book that was given to me by a good friend who works in the medical profession. The book is called 'Recovery The Lost Art of Convalescence' by Dr Gavin Francis. 

It is a really lovely little book and for anyone (like me!) struggling to accept that a period of convalescence is needed it is a really wise and practical guide.


Before my NASAH in February I was very fit and working full time as a primary school teacher. After being discharged from hospital my recovery went really well. Walking everyday, off painkillers, sleep improved, hearing improved and I honestly felt I would be back at work and back exercising within weeks. I still had mild headaches and weird sensations, tinnitus and noise sensitivity but I felt pretty good. 


5 weeks after being discharged I stupidly went for a little run and it felt good to be back doing something I love. It was so normal and natural for my body having been a runner all my life. So the next day I went for another run and it still felt good and then really stupidly the next day (....you guessed it) I went for another run. At the same time as doing this I was also building up to my return to work after the school Easter holidays.


Surprise, surprise ...my recovery then a took a big nose dive! For a whole week I experienced awful headaches, I had a horrible dull ache in my neck and up the back of my head, I couldn't focus on anything and I felt excessively tired and tearful. I am now feeling a lot better again after a week of tears, sleeping and just walking! I have learnt a very big lesson that a gradual approach to building up to previous levels of activity is needed!! 


It has made me accept that I have to take things slowly and I do have to give myself time to recover. I also made a hard but right decision not to return to work at the moment. I have realised it is being unrealistic to think I could go back into a noisy and busy job so soon. I am very lucky to have a very supportive Headmaster and work colleagues. 


So if like me if  you are struggling with accepting that you need to give your body time to recover, please try reading 'Recovery'. I found it a very wise and helpful little book. 


Hope you are all having a good day.






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