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Did You Have Perimesencephalic or AngioGram Negative Type of SAH ?

Perimesencephalic or Angiogram Negative  

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  1. 1. Perimesencephalic or Angiogram Negative

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    • Angiogram Negative

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Hi Surfer!

I had two angiograms, one with the dye when I was first admitted and then a catheter angio which was quite a challenging experience a day later. I then had a follow up MRI. I have a feeling there was another procedure done but I cant really remember. It *might* have been a CAT scan when I was first admitted... I had a vasocontriction during the catheter angiogram and there was debate as to whether to repeat it but I think I was a fairly clear case of PMNASAH. The neurosurgeon looking after me was extremely thorough. He pulled in staff that weekend to do tests and all sorts of things that would normally have taken longer, even during emergencies...

I was always coherent, no weakness, pupils normal etc. I was 34 at the time and reasonable fit and healthy - the staff were very surprised. The incident itself wasnt a thunderclap headache (although I do have a freakishly high pain tolerance) but more a feeling like I had pulled something in my neck, then a prickly feeling all over my head and I started being sick and feeling hot. I described it at the time like being hit on the back of the head with a rubber mallet. I was pouring cups of water over my head to cool down. When my neck went stiff I was 100% sure I had meningitis and this is why I went up to A&E.

Sorry to rabbit on, I have had no one to talk to about this for two years... I dont like bringing it up with my husband or family as it was a frightening upsetting time for them.

I was back to work within 5 weeks! Weird isnt it?! :-D



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