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Stroke & Alcohol Extracts


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This Extract is from one of my many occupational/cognative Therapy Sessions.

Extract One

All this exercise involved was putting a jigsaw of a body together.There were two arms,two legs,a body,a head,hands and feet.In all there was ten pieces and the pieces were about fifteen centimetres big.There was a time limit of five minutes on this exercise and I thought to myself ''FIVE MINUTES'' no problem what am I supposed to do with the other four minutes thirty seconds? The pieces were scattered around the table then Jo the OT gave me the nod to begin.Begin! Begin what? I was a blank my brain was going in all sorts of directions but not the right one.I thought to myself 'What's happening here?' I'm struggling well not really struggling more like I can't do this,yeah I got the body and the head no problem but with the rest I was lost.With a minute left Jo asked if I wanted to stop but like a stubborn Taurus I said 'NO' and saw out the last minute trying to put a two year olds jigsaw together and failing miserably.I could not believe what had happened,Jo sat with me and put the jigsaw together and with her help it became clearer,my sight to brain understanding was very poor.


This extract is the beginning of the alcohol taking over me at a very young age.

So here we have a normal twelve year old kid,drinking not everyday but obviously enough to light up the spark in his brain.The Devil is having His starter.He's still hungry,and wants His main course,dessert,cheese and biscuits and coffee with His after dinner mints,but He does not want to pay the bill.That's down to me and believe me,it was an expensive meal.One that almost cost me my life.

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