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Pain relief??

Guest Portia del Carmen

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Guest Portia del Carmen

I am still in a slow process of getting into talking about all of the relevant issues on the question of this illness - but thought it may well be worth me putting forward my own experiences of pain relief...

In brief, I have had 2 SAHs - one in May 2003 and one at the end of Jan/ beginning of Feb this year.

My first was coiled - afterwards I was in incredible pain for some time which none of the doctors in the hospital could solve. Huge amounts of morphine didn't solve it - although they made me feel nice (!) my head still felt full and painful.

One thing worked to get rid of the pain - my partner Steve was Reiki aligned and Reiki'ed my head - the pain went away for a while in hospital and very quickly once let out(!).

After that (and having been diagnosed with other aneurysms) I got myself Reiki aligned. I have recently had another bleed - for which I sustained no pain but obvious symptoms. I have not had a single headache for many months. This bleed has been clipped (because of where it is) and within 3 weeks of that I am now back in the real world and at work!

I am absolutely not suggesting Reiki as a cure - but it is clearly a help with pain relief. The anaethestist agreed that it may be of use - it clearly was to me.

If anyone is interested, let me know and I'll tell you everything I can about Reiki pain relief.

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