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Question on coil in leg

Guest goldie

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Guest goldie

Hi all.....Well tomorrow will be one month since my stent and coils were put in... :D

I don't know if yall remember but, while they where in my leg, they knicked a artery and had to put a coil and surgical glue in my leg...I was wondering if anyone else has had this happen? I will be going for a 6 week check up soon, and can ask them questions, but, I was wondering if anyone knew...If I could ride a bike...I don't know if it would bother the leg coil or not....

I saw a cool bike yesterday, and thought about getting more exercise...I guess I could call the doctor, but, I avoid calling them at all costs...hahah...

This was such a cool bike...beilieve it or not...it had a motor on it too...I guess if you get tired of peddling it, you flip a switch and it carries you home....sounds perfect for me... :lol::roll:

It has a basket on the front...to store things in...it looked so cute...

I have a feeling that I shouldn't be riding one though...just thought I would see if yall had the coil in the leg, and what yall have been told about it....

have a great day...take care Cindy

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