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Guest wendyseptember

well as it has been a few years since I had my SAH...have decided to break it down a bit.......Well as you know my name is wendy. Prior to my SAH, I had just started to enjoy my life........I was in my mid forties.....had a good job.......had the courage to leave my husband after 27 years of a violent relationship...had met someone...ok a few years younger. but I was happy.

In early December 1994...The alarm as usual went off....went downstairs put the kettle on, as always my cats were wanting their breakfast...2 persians, so picked up their dishes...put the food in, and then put the dishes back down...that was when I had this pain shoot from the base of my neck upwards. Well I just crawled back upstairs...woke my partner...he thought I looked awful so told me to stay home that day. He rang my Boss and told him i was unwell........I spent the day in bed.

When i woke next morning , was not feeling 100%, but it was the weeks leading up to Xmas so a busy time for us, so I went into work ( i was at that time Training Manager for a multi Supermarket Chain)...well as each day past I felt better. Christmas arrived. New year etc and I carried on

Then on Feb 17th the following year, it was a Saturday.......their was just me in Personnel........I had held an Induction that morning....and after I went into the staff restaurant for some lunch at 12.30pm......Got my lunch. and went to sit next to my General Manger..we were chatting etc as we had lunch,,,,then i had that pain again.....it was so strange...a tunnel with lite at the end...then this angry voice in my head telling to go back......My GM called a first Aider who took me back to my Office.......It was then I started to be sick...she rushed to the GM office and just picked his waste bin up...in which I was duly sick :D

several times lol

well the GM found someone to take me home......all I wanted to do was sleep...but I kept on being sick....the next thing I remember was being taken to my doctor........under protest.......i said it was only a migraine...well she ask me if this had ever happen before...and I told her about the pain before Xmas...next thing I know I am arriving at Addenbrookes Hospital.

I know this may sound daft, but re writing all of this is good...will carry on

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