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Hi Andy H, Andy P and Annie,


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Hi to everybody, this site is now up and running. To give it a kick start I would really welcome your contributions to the site. At least we will all be able to keep in contact at the same time!!

If anybody needs any help with the site, then please let me know. The journal/diary can be made public or private. We are fairly limited as to how we can alter the site, such as layout etc., but any suggestions from you guys will be appreciated.

I'm also hoping to be able to link this site with some of the other main players and will see also if Salford and Southampton Hospital will be interested in linking this with theirs. I'm trying to keep this site as low cost as possible and luckily the domain name was already registered to my son Chris, who has been a God send with helping me to set this up. At least the domain name can be associated with "grey matter" etc and isn't too bizarre!

Just hope that somebody will post!!! so pretty please!!! I will promise that at least one person will reply!!

Anyway, I shall start to post tomorrow and very much hope that you guy's will help me out!!

Love to all,

Karen xx :D

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