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Monitoring aneurysms

Guest pam

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I am posting this thread to see if there is anyone else there living with unruptured untreated aneurysms.

I havent had a SAH, so I guess I am one of the lucky ones. A brain scan in 2004 to look for something else which fortunately did not exist, revealed seven brain aneurysms. Three of which were classed as large enough to be treated, I had these three coiled in two seperate procedures in 2005. The remaining four I was told were two tiny to coil and the risks of clipping them outweighed the potential risk of a bleed from them. I was told after my last op that I would be closely monitored to check the surgeries carried out and also to look for any changes on the untreated aneurysms, if changes did occur then treatment options would be reviewed. I had an MRA three months after surgery, another MRA a year later and an MRA this June 2007. Every MRA has revealed the treated aneurysms remain totally occluded and the untreated ones have showed no change since diagnosis which is good news. My neurosurgeon has now decided I dont need another check up for four years! and this is what is bothering me!. Four years may mean close monitoring to them but it doesnt to me!!. I have found living with the knowledge that I have untreated aneurysms quite hard, but was always reassured that at least there would be a yearly check up, now this reassurance has gone and a lot of my previous anxieties are back. To add to this, last year my cousin had a SAH and and was admitted to the same hospital where I was treated - I found myself in the same hospital ward, this time as the visitor. My cousins SAH meant I know have three relatives who have had a SAH (the other two are not close relatives but relatives neverthe less), my Father also died of a ruptured aortic aneurysm (which I was told was not connected with my type of cerebral aneurysm) a few months after my last surgery, so I guess all this has added to the anxiety of living with these aneurysms.

I now have no further neurological appointments until an MRA Scan in four years time and it is freaking me out a bit that changes will happen in that time, even though my Consultant obviously thinks the chances are remote.

Is there anyone else in a similar position or can anyone give any advice

Many thanks


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Hi Pam,

I know this may be nothing of sorts for you, we all need to look also on the positive side, as being told four years to return can be great news too. If you see what I'm trying to say, bless you. Don't get me wrong I too would be unsettled, but I am sure your Surgeon has thought everything is grand before he told you to return in four years.

Go, try and relax and enjoy the world out side your door. It's waiting for you to discover it, chin up and smile, you take care ,

H xxx :lol:

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