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Memory Problem

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Hi Clare,


Yes I am hoping this works out best for me. I did work some 3 consecutive days on my phased return as I had to work it around my existing timetable with my examination classes on it. Doing that let me know that working 3 consecutive days doesn't work for me at all.


I also can't imagine doing a 5 day week at the moment and am not sure it will ever be possible, however one year ago I hadn't even started my return to work, so anything is possible.


I am hoping 4 days works for me, especially with the fact that I won't teach a full day on any of my days in work. For me at the moment I find that I can do some things most days, but I need plenty of breaks within those days.


I and my workplace are both prepared for the fact that I might want to change this though if it doesn't work out. Obviously working 4 days has the advantage that it earns me more money at the moment so continuing with that would be ideal.


I am aware that with the spinal issues I have been left with my condition might deteriorate over time so it is also possible that in the future I will need to work less so I wanted to make the most of my career now.


My Wednesday off will definitely be just that - I have used my day off during my phased return to have a lie-in and to have some 'me time', which I find I definitely need as going out and interacting with people can still be an issue.


I also still don't have my driving license back yet so getting about on my day off is an issue anyway. I am hoping that I will get it back soon as I have been sent for a medical by the DVLA and have also sat a disability driving assessment as well.


I hope you are doing ok and that your cognitive test results prove informative.


Gemma xxx



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