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Guest Wendy

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Guest Wendy

Hiya Everyone, Sorry its been a while, its been over a year now since i had my subachnoid haemorrage, (28th March 2007) Wow how thats gone over :shock: Ive been lucky forget somethings sometimes, but nothing major really.. I still dont smoke and have no intentions of ever doing so again im blessed or cursed with an even stronger sence of smell.. Since having my anny though ive felt like ive been in a car accident each day after lying in bed my body aches, find it hard to get up the pain is unreal.. Anyone else experience anything like this? Ive gained some weight and apparently as friends have said ive never looked better dont know whether that is in fact a compliment or not :lol: How is everyone doing? Can i ask im thinking of doing the race for life this year but walking the 5k do you think this will be safe? im not sure what to do.. I had the platinum Coiling.. Hope everyone is well Best wishes Wendy xx

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Hi Wendy

Lovely to hear from you again. Its sounds like you're starting to feel a lot better the memory thing affects a lot of us and can be very frustrating at times. I think that walking the 5k sounds good it doesn't matter how long it takes and you'll probably get a lot of satisfaction when you complete it.

Weight wise I struggle to loose weight and when I manage it, it goes back on again as quick :roll:

I don't get whole body aches and pains just the head and neck so can't help you there.

Look forward to hearing more from you soon.

Janet x

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