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SAH and Post Stroke Pain

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I'm wondering, as I have not seen any mention of it on this board, if anyone else has Post Stroke Pain ? I would love some down to earth info, as I am going to see my Neurosurgeon on 9th September. I need to discuss this pain with him and to get his prescription for the pain which does not respond to painkillers, and I don't want to sound like a textbook when talking to him! I do know that PSP only affects 10% of the small percentage of folk ,7%, who have an SAH! Typical me to be one of the people in such a tiny percentage of our population ( twice! :wink: ) Help anyone?

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Hi Perry

Could you let me know what kind of PSP you are suffering with. I personally have Neurological pain on the left side of my head which is the side where the Anuerysn was clipped. I have tried low doses of Amitryptiline that can work on nerve pain but now take an anti-epilepsy medicine again in low doses that is meant to help with nerve pain.

I have posted previously with regards to what my Neuro had to say regarding neurological head pain apparently some people never suffer with it at all others may go years then develop it me being me have had it ever since the op.

Janet x

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Hi Janet, I have pain by and large all down the left side of my body, it particularly affects, my left arm,including the shoulder, the left leg from knee to ankle and my lower back, I hope to talk to my GP again before seeing my consultant in two weeks time, as I have read about medication combinations which may help. Something needs to help I reckon as it is very debilitating as it is so severe. I can barely move and at the moment am needing help to dress and undress which I find very hard :( I have already discovered by trial that normal pain killers do nothing! I do hope that you find something which sorts out that pain in your head, that must be awful :(

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