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Sinus related NASAH

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Hi guys. Very appreciative to have found this site. I have had sinus issue, nothing to write home about,  for a long while and Migrane rarely when I eat too much chocolate.


My illness start with severe pain on the bridge of my nose as I have experienced with Sinus but never so painful. In seconds it move to the front of my head and then a strange feeling to the back of my head and my neck feeling weak.


It all happened in Jamaica whilst on holiday.  No pain no sinus draining but under my eyes above my checks were swollen days before. 


This was a sign I suppose of sinus congestion which I did not realise. Thought it was due to too much sun.


I was taken to hospital there where I had a scan which showed diffuse bleed fistures 3 and subsequently angios and further scans a day,  a week and 2 weeks later which where all clear.  Brain and sinuses were scanned. I was diagnosed with NASAH Sinusitis and Migrane. I followed up in London with my Gp and Neuro hospital where I had an MRI and MRV I think. All clear.


The Neuro Reg called to say that they would do further scans in time to be sure although they were 99% sure. There was no face to face consultation after MRI as they felt a phone  call would be ok. You tend to forget to ask all when this happens.


I am now being refered to the ENT specialist hospital as the neuro reg believe it was a cerebral sinuo venous tear.  Some say the plane pressure added to my sinus congestion and pressure !


There is little research as sometimes it is said that the events are not always reported by people for various reasons so numbers seem or are lower than could be.


I do feel that advice after this is limited by the neuro Drs for reasons I have read here on this site.


It is worrying as it seems a grey area.

I have small dumbing headaches but mainly pain on the around my nose from the sinuses.  


I try to stay away from those who say you work too hard or or I feel stress me.  You look ok so people talk loud and alot and don't understand. Not sure this is related to too much work or stress or ????  My neuro Consultant in Jamaica said that thus is not so. We all work hard!


Funny I tried slow down alot mentally and physically over the past year went on holiday felt sooooo relaxed in Jamaica and then bang an hour after I woke up.


I must say the relaxing air I felt in Jamaica did aid recovery and also the hospital staffs strict but calming  positive outlook and offer of regular prayers if you wanted.


I am sooooo glad for this site as it helps. I realise we have unanswered  concerns for this grey area but the site has calmed me alot.


I am going today for the Gp to review the numbness I feel by my ear. Not sure if this is the NASAH or my sinus.

I hope they can speed the referal up.


Because everything started at my sinus I feel,  I hope to get refered quickly as I have never felt my sinuses to be a worry or could lead to a NASAH. Referals take long even linked ?to the bleed. 



Thank you all for this site and your stories.


Blessings to you all




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