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The fright of my life


Hi everyone I am new to the group and looking for answers to help me understand and live with the changes in my life.


July the first I headed out for a social trail run with an amazing group of friends when less than 1km in a terrible headache hit me. At first I thought my headband was to tight so I removed it, the headache just got worse with a severe nauseated feeling joining it. Friends noticed my change in colour and helped me return to my car which felt like forever.


I then waited for my husband and mum to collect me, which again felt like a lifetime with excruciating pain. 3 hospitals and two ambulance drives later, 4 angiograms I was taken in for surgery to coil one subarachnoid haemorrhage and clamp another one. 


Two weeks in hospital, then home for recovery. I was quite lucky as I’ve had no real side effects bar a bit of short term memory loss and these terrible headaches. I have returned to work quite early at 8 weeks but only working 3 days a week. I’m not in the best industry to work when suffering these terrible headaches 25 toddlers can really add to the headaches but just love being with the children on the good days.


Just really looking for answers on what’s the best medication to kick these headaches, as nothing seems to work and how long people waited to return to exercise. I walk as often as I can when the headaches aren’t knocking me out for the day. 


Thanks everyone 

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