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  1. Thanks Clare I have definitely taken the rehab doctor's feedback into consideration, to scared of what could happen if I don't listen. I am extremely grateful for my recovery, I just need to remember to slow down and that within time I will get there (Which is harder than I thought). I do listen to my body though I seem to have a really flat week where I feel quite fatigued every 3 or so weeks. This support group has been amazing help, love reading everyone's journey. Sue
  2. Hi everyone not sure if I’m sharing this in the right place but was just after some advice on exercise. I’m 5 months post SAH which one was clipped and the other coiled and have had an amazing recovery I think apart from the awful headaches which are getting less by the weeks. I had an appointment with the rehab doctor last week who was lovely but seemed to think I was overdoing things. Due to no public transport where I live I was having to start work at 5:30am, then ride my bike to my daughters 20km away at 3 pm and wait for hubby to pick me up. I thoroughly enjoyed this ride, but was told it’s to much ( any thoughts). I also have started running again which I have been walking since the 6 week mark and at 3 months run walking and now able to run 5km. I’m only working 3 days a week I wanted to go back 4 days but was told to much to soon. I love my job and exercising, I was actually out on a run when my SAH occurred. I would love to know how others returned to work and exercise post op, I was just starting to feel normal again but now I’m unsure I’m doing the right thing. Thanks 😊
  3. Hi DBC its been 15 weeks since my SAH I thought I was doing well went back to work at 8 weeks doing 3 days, still no driving but walking most days. Lately I’ve been having similar symptoms the floating when walking, lost for words sometimes, and fighting this confusing/ stressed/ unsure feeling quite often. Today I wanted to turn my vacuum cleaner off but tried turning the kitchen tap off instead ( laughed at myself). Im also find my patience isn’t what it use to be and I don’t think I am as good at my job as I use to be some days I’m really struggling, I work in childcare toddler room, which I’ve always been passionate about. Im so glad to hear others are having similar issues thanks for your post
  4. Hi everyone I am new to the group and looking for answers to help me understand and live with the changes in my life. July the first I headed out for a social trail run with an amazing group of friends when less than 1km in a terrible headache hit me. At first I thought my headband was to tight so I removed it, the headache just got worse with a severe nauseated feeling joining it. Friends noticed my change in colour and helped me return to my car which felt like forever. I then waited for my husband and mum to collect me, which again felt like a lifetime with excruciating pain. 3 hospitals and two ambulance drives later, 4 angiograms I was taken in for surgery to coil one subarachnoid haemorrhage and clamp another one. Two weeks in hospital, then home for recovery. I was quite lucky as I’ve had no real side effects bar a bit of short term memory loss and these terrible headaches. I have returned to work quite early at 8 weeks but only working 3 days a week. I’m not in the best industry to work when suffering these terrible headaches 25 toddlers can really add to the headaches but just love being with the children on the good days. Just really looking for answers on what’s the best medication to kick these headaches, as nothing seems to work and how long people waited to return to exercise. I walk as often as I can when the headaches aren’t knocking me out for the day. Thanks everyone
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