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Win's Recovery



I was cooking a curry when I had my SAH and I remember nothing until I had my shunt put in and then little by little it came back to me. Thanks to this site and my Family xx


When I had an SAH/Bleed  plus Ventriculitis/UTI/Sepsis my Hubby and Daughter were there for me and when the O/T's said "put her in a home and grieve for who I once was,  as I am no longer that person and never will be. My hubby decided I'd be better off at home (love him so) and my Daughter was brilliant and made sure I was looked after. 


Then, when my brother Terry knew I would get better he came and sang with me.  Him and Barbara xx We sang and talked about olden times. I come from a big Family and music was a part of our life.  I am so glad I came from a big Family who all cared about me.  Cheers to the Keys Family for your songs that kept me going.  Not forgetting my Sisters who sang to me while I slept.  I opened eyes to correct their singing only lol.   This was in 2009 and in 2010 I had a shunt put in.  Pre shunt I remember very little but after shunt was like awaking from a dream and learning to remember names. 


My  Daughter showed me this site and it was so good as I thought the next step was to die, far from it !  I have a new lease of life thanks to everyone on BTG and my Family for the music and sorry for typing songs in the middle of a topic lol xxx

Love to  everyone  xxxxxxxxxx Most of all my Hubs who Always Always took me out for a coffee in a teacher beaker lol. (early days)


To all Newcomers, Welcome and the message is, never give up.   I walked into Sainsburys this morning ! xx  

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