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  1. People do look at me and think I am fine and some days I am but then I just need to sleep so be patient with hubby and perhaps to get some normality back when he gets better you could go for a coffee together when he is up to it. When you have things sorted perhaps, as early days yet for Hubs ..My hubby got me a teacher beaker and went up to a small carboard cup. Wishing you both Best of luck and if you need to give vent this is a good place to come. Water is a must for him so get him to drink plenty XX Keep well V xxx
  2. Without Loved ones we would be lost V Mama xx I had ventriculitis hydrocephalus also and remember nothing. Also had a lot of germs attacking me. Body sent me into cuckooland mode. Trouble with catheter also dreamt a man was chasing me with a big pipe in his hand, I put it down to not being emptied enough hence I also got Sepsis due to back flow. But I was not with it for a long while and once I had shunt put in I woke up. But I know it must be horrid for those who are waiting for us to improve. This I have since looked at when I awoke.. Cannot fault surgeon but Hubs and Daughter were brilliant. Sisters sang to me. When OT's tried to make me do therapy while brain was not with it, Daughter said I called them witches ha !! None I remember ??? Daughter said when I started to eat again while in Hospital she told me I thought we had gone out for lunch to a cafe and I said my treat Sa lol. Anyway good luck with hubs and remember he is a Survivor xxx Keep him happy and keep him away from stress while healing xxx After I woke up. Approx 6 months later hubby and I went back to normal ie cross words. Well he'd been good to me for a whole year and a bit. Never give up and get songs at ready and bring a smile to his face xxxx You also will need rest xxxx We are a handful xxx
  3. My Daughter found this site and I was all doom and gloom, never told them but sang a lot to try and cheer myself up . This site has helped my Daughter and now it helps me, just by sharing a trouble about what happened to us and knowing we aren't the only ones. We are Survivors Doon xx So when down come on here and give vent as we have all been there, and it is hard to explain to loved ones. My eyesight has gone skewiff and my sense of smells. I wont go on(I will) but welcome to BTG ..I hope you get vision corrected. I need stronger glasses or they need a clean ha ha. Take care and remember keep smiling (Wins answers to all ills)
  4. A Bit late as Usual Chelle !! Hope your 5 years was a positive day xx xx Mine come and go and if it wasn't for being reminded on here I would never know. This place, BTG, is my safe haven and come on to see how others are or if there is someone like me coming on messing others posts up as I did in early days ha ha (What a pain I was) singing ..But my singing was my way of keeping me up during my dark times. When songs I sang where for a funeral mine !!! BTG is a life saver and we see others who have had the same or worse and it makes us think how lucky we are. Hope your Day, make it a week was a good one xx and many more to celebrate. Love ya Chelle Win xxxxx
  5. They mean well but cannot see the brain trying to think as quick as it used to Caw. You will get good days and some days you might feel like shouting at them (I did with my Family) I cannot take others sob stories anymore, poor sister she loved a moan and I can only cop with happiness and life isn't like that. I sing and think happy thoughts, good job my Mum left me with happy memories XX You stick at it and hope you make it XX Now go get em XX As for getting startled I am a back seat driver omg every car is out to hit us ha . Be well and remain full of hope. Good luck or I'll sing to you and it isn't good !! Win xxxxx
  6. So sorry to hear this Bless you Cassandra and Neil ..No more pain for Cassandra. God bless you All xxxxx You will get unknown strength Neil to get through this hurt xxxx So Sorry xxxx
  7. I wake up with headache Rosie then I remember when I had a deep sleep I always awoke with headache. It does scare us (Well me it does) I honk my hooter and always look for blood but sometimes I had blood before !! I worry until I think "Oh Win stop fretting so" ...We are aware of what happened to us and are making sure it doesn't happen again. I am a little paranoid over it though lol ...We have reason to be xxx so be Well and as the song goes "Oh why worry, why worry, For worry gets you nowhere at all. One of my Dads songs he sang while playing banjo xxxx ..Serious Rosie if you are worried see Doc xx or sing xxxx
  8. Hi Ruth Welcome to Behind the gray alias BTG ... I came on here and found people laughing and it helped me get my laughter back ...Sounds awful but to know others have had similar or same somehow helped me. I wasn't alone and saw people joking so for me this was my life saver and my Family who have been great. Seeing new people on here also and they are worried like we were. Bless us and our Family xxx Good luck on Journey ..you seem so well in pics xxxxx So keep doing what you are doing xxxx
  9. This site is good isn't it Charlie, I came on here singing songs I wanted played at my funeral !! lol. Then I saw others laughing about bleeds and their life and that alone helps us !! To know others have been there had similar feelings, and came out the other side laughing xx.. I got my smile back xx Good luck Charlie and keep a smile for bad days, as we are Survivors XXXX Somedays it doesn't feel like it that's when I have as Sarah puts it Siesta xx Well done you and keep going xxxxx Monsanto and glyphosate court case. .Alas too late for my dogs but not too late for them to realise it !!
  10. I've had an MRI and CT also had an MRA but was out of it so cannot say what it entails, think one is a contrasting one = MRA but could be wrong. You need to know what's going on with head so good luck and let us know how you got on xxx Good luck Win xxxxxxxx
  11. Well Done Crazy, I only fast forward the TV when Marathon was on and was tired ... Well done another tick in things you have achieved no matter what time it was. I stood today for 6 minutes today approx. xxxx
  12. Hi Kerry, So they scanned your brain. So that must make you feel better My Daughter lost her speech and it scared her so much she went and saw Doc, who sent her for a scan, all clear. She was so happy after that. (She has had Migraines since puberty) Let's hope they can sort you out properly. Also ask can they re assure you about scan !! Put mind at ease. Good luck Kerry xxxx
  13. Print off "a letter from your Brain" and E mail it to them as it explains what you and brain have been through. My hubs tries that and Daughter. I give them the look which means "Don't push your Luck" and if on a downer I have noticed I cuss a lot. My brain can take laughter but not taking me for the brunt of comments, then they know they have gone a step too far. Perhaps you should say to them "Crossed the line" and do what you want!! I knew I was better as my family started to joke about me sometimes we can take it other times I start cussing at them !! Not proud of this. It shuts them up though xxx Good luck and while you was ill bet they were worried for you. So try if possible to say" you can laugh with me but never at me!" Good luck
  14. Hi Lynette, I awoke up after a year of being here, but not taking much in, so I am told. So outlook was doom and gloom for me. I have a good husband and Daughter who stood by me and were kindness and beyond what I ever expected. Sisters came up and sang once a week. So my happiness helped me get through it. Your husband needs you more than ever, I was given doom and gloom outlook, none of this I remember. So my advice to you is keep him happy and never give up on him xxxx As my OT's I didn't like and they said to put me in a home as I'll never be the same. Don't ask me why I didn't like them as I also called them witches. Perhaps I was correct lol. I couldn't eat solids and my Daughter came to see me and saw a yoghurt pot by my bed. ...Still cannot remember a lot but I am so happy to be here and this site is a godsend any time you are down there is always someone who can understand what you are going through...Once shunt was in as it drained all fluid from my brain xx. Since then I have never looked back. Good luck to you both xxxx (My short term memory is getting better but still pretty bad.) But that's the last of my worries. Keep writing and let us know how hubby gets on xxxx xx keep talking to him xxxx
  15. Hi Kim, Welcome to BTG and knowing we have all been through similar problems helps a great deal, well for me it did. I was panicking big time until my daughter found this site while I was in cuckoo land. When I got well enough to sit up straight, I came on here and all my problems seem smaller. Others were laughing and I got my smile back !! We are Survivors always remember that and any time you are worried come on here xxxx A site that knows how we all feel and how scared we can be at times. We all have a long haul ahead of us but we don't give up as we made it through the worst bit xxxx
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