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  1. I found Jill Bolte Taylors book good and at the same time she bought humour into it. My Stroke of insight is about Jill who had a stroke and I saw her on Oprah's show and she could laugh about it. Like one day we will. It gave me hope as here is a woman and she cannot remember her Mum G G and her Mum cuddled her as it was all she could do and Jill says "So this is a G G, I like G G's" (my words)
  2. Hi Dee Dee, Welcome to Behind the Gray. I get twitches in the eye and feel like I'm winking but seriously see Doc again and ask him if it is natural as I was out for an age after my SAH so all I know is after having shunt put in I still got headaches, and I always wake up with one grrr ..it is scary as we think "Is this another one happening" Could be the worry of you thinking it could be one and just put mind at ease and see Doc again. Wishing you all the best and try not to stress easy to say but harder to do. My Surgeon said "No Stress" so I sang and that was stressful also lol. Wishing you all the best how I got over it was by singing happy songs and remembering happy times but each has their own way of coping. Good luck and keep drinking water xxx
  3. Joan, Not had anything done here, but went to bed and woke up because drink wee etc. Glad you feel a bit better as your post sounds light, keep cheery it really helps xxxx xxxx
  4. Glad all is well Joan, I'll go and look up web lol as not got a clue what it is xx Glad all is over and now healing time xxxx Make sure you get spoilt lol that is what I did but they clicked on that one xxxx Heal heal heal that's my message for you xxxx
  5. Winb143


    Hi All, As others will tell you it is such a slow process when getting better, and they discharge us and all we have is each other to talk to about it. This is when BTG comes in, a trouble shared is a trouble halved. We see all of us have been or going through the same and it helps so much to have a name on screen say "I had that" and they are laughing now or happy. We all get our Down days but a girl didn't like me saying keep smiling, but I believe thinking happy thoughts and good times with a smattering of some happy songs helps us get through this. So we will get there but we need patience and a smile even a moody one when getting better will do xxx Now face the world all us Survivors xxxx Don't forget your water lol xxxxx
  6. Should be a Director of films Bill lol xxx Get it and echoes in my left ear, still sing it away when not to bad !!
  7. Noah, Esau ..when my head is full of thoughts (Not often lol) I go to bed early watch the news or something boring and I drift off in my own little world. Then hubby comes to bed and I have to start all over again lol xx It is a slow healing time for us but never give up, I sat here one day no headaches, felt bright and all was right with the world. Then thought what we go through after a bleed and realised that day was my best day since the bleed. Hope to get lot more like those days, as forgot my worries and back ache (Hush I was sitting most of the day but was so positive) and as usual I was singing my happy songs Dad taught me but too rude to type on here lol xxx We will get good days honestly be positive XX When possible xxxx !! Now wait for those days and cherish them xxxxx
  8. Winb143


    I found Chocs helped me Susan, but seriously see Doc if you are really worried as stress is no good for any of us. If it is nothing then you can stop worrying over it, I had headaches after coiling and cannot take any troubles on, whereas before I could. I get headache when Daughter talks too much politics to me, try singing as that's what I did and passed my pains on to Family xx Good luck and hope you can get some advice on this xxxx
  9. Hi Paul, When I was out of it, my Daughter found this site and when I woke up she told me about it. I came on here and knowing we are not the only ones is a help in itself. When I've come on here for a moan about how I feel there is always someone here to make you feel happy again. Welcome to BTG and good luck on recovery, slow but sure xxxx We are the lucky ones who live to talk about it. I have my smile back and OT's said I'd never be the same and to put me in a home, I could have been an old Dear sitting in my cuckooland with hydrocephalus, had shunt fitted and woke up, took the fluid off brain and here to tell story and smile again xxxx
  10. We will all get there some of us take longer than others, my choc days never helped me but made me happy!! I went to dance at my birthday party and my feet would only do the Twist ha ha was the only one dancing a dance I never meant to do and being held up by 2 pals but we laughed xxxx
  11. Good luck for the15th and you will be fine, keep in touch and let us now how it goes xxxx All the best Win xxxxx
  12. Winb143

    Comeback - Bill

    Hope your Weekends going well Bill and remember to keep a smile for when you need it. Have a good Sunday also Win x
  13. Dina, I could not talk and walk and my lovely Daughter would always talk to me and I'd be breathless after being out of it for a while. I worried about any pain in head or when I felt rough...on here I'd come and tell others and many a time I've come off here with laughter instead of worries xx I say this non stop but stress is awful for us so be happy ie sing a happy song or take your mind off it any way you can Good luck Win xxxx
  14. My hubby got me a BP monitor and he tried it on himself and it was sky high. My sister was here and told him to see Doc it was nearly 200, so he is the only one who uses it and his Doc said take it first then rest and take it a 2nd time, don't know why it is always lower 2nd time ..Clever some Docs xxx Good luck Valene and all what others said especially about stress !!! xxxx Be Well
  15. Winb143

    New here - Samantha

    Hello Sam, I had mine in 2009 and I was so scared it would happen again, and I really thought the worst. I spoke to some of the others on here and realised, they are still going on with life even those who had another one being watched. I was told by my Surgeon " No Stress " so easily said than done !! But at least they are watching you and it will be sorted xxxx I hope all goes well and let us now how you get on with surgery. When they op this time there will be no bleed to contend with. I understand you are scared as I was, this site helps as you can talk away your problems and knowing others have been through the same. Good luck WinB143 Alias Win xxxxx