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  1. Hi AH, I had headaches after I had shunt put in, before that I don't remember much. Since my pills have been changed I do get headaches every am after pills - a coincidence maybe, but nothing a paracetamol wont get rid of. I try and not take any other pills as on enough as it is. Wish you and Mrs AH all the best and hope her headaches subside, when stressed they play me up more. See doc again and let him know and it will maybe put her mind at ease and less stress for both of you. Nothing like peace of mind and knowing you are not alone in this. Good luck to the two of you.
  2. Winb143

    My story.

    Hi Philip, I was okay but felt tired on the day of my bleed SAH4 stayed in bed most of the day, Got up started making my Hubs tea a curry. He came home early as work had been rotten and he poured me a wine which I never got to drink as I passed out, 2009 and I woke up 2010 after shunt was fitted. So I was in cuckooland for a long while. It took me an age to get back to some normality, I knew after coming on here I wasn't alone and bang went the fear of my mortality as I never knew there were so many of us who had suffered these bleeds and it helps knowing you are not the only one. Saw my surgeon for first time after shunt check up, and I thanked him. He said to my hubby has your wife always talked a lot as if I wasn't there. So I interrupted him and said "When you are the youngest of 10 you have to speak quick as you wouldn't get a word in" !! Then he started speaking to me !! I told him my Aunt had a bleed and her 2 sons but surgeon said it was too distant it had to be immediate family ?? I still don't believe that xx lol But he must know more and he did save me after all xx Good luck xxxx
  3. Hi Charming, I was given hardly any chance but that was from OT's. Wanted to put me in a home as I'd never be the same. They never checked that my Brain and Hydrocephalus. A year later approx a shunt fitted and now watch out world I'm back lol . Cannot walk very far as back aches but after being told I will never walk again 1000 yards suits me on a good day but on a bad day I take to chair !! Avoid stress and sing and carry a spare smile, Do never ever listen to others sob stories as they bring you down so keep happy and go enjoy holiday. Always drink water and remember we are survivors maybe forgetful ones but we made it so be happy and enjoy yourself. We all get down days but they get few and far between as time goes on xxx Happy holiday xxxx Had my big 70 party and I got up and sang lol poor family ha xxx
  4. I had that after my SAH and a shunt that helped me wake up from cuckooland put in. I still felt a few funny days and was worried. I had an itchy scalp and creepy crawly head felt. When my Mum was alive she always used salt water so I asked my daughter if she would rinse my hair in salt water as good for me. I tried it and was okay for me!! But if you are worried nothing like getting up your Docs and asking him. Hope it goes xxx Feel better soon Win xxxx
  5. Hi Zach, I was sure I was not going to get better I started choosing songs for my Funeral (Morbid or what)!! Never told hubby or Daughter this, bad enough they had to put up with my singing. Daughter found this site and when I was well enough I came on here and started to sing which I'll never live down lol. Saw people on here talking about other things than Bleeds etc. I knew then if they have been through it so can I. This site as I always say gave me my smile back, as just knowing we are not the only ones, helps. Hubby was told I'd never walk again and to put me in a home !! Walking 800 to a 1000 yards on a good day and none on an off day. (Lazy) Keep your chin up and I'll keep my 2 up (my idea of a joke) Scary what happened to us but we do get better and sometimes off days, and I have to be reminded about short term memory loss. Me to hubs "Hubby did I tell you this joke ?" Hubby "Yes Win several times" ! We are in this for the long haul xxx Do not take other peoples worry while your brain is healing xxx Good luck and Welcome to BTG XXX Singing happy songs helped me !!
  6. Let us know how you get on Todd as just read about it xxx Good luck xxxx
  7. Sallios when you feel like it why not type in Green Room under Forums Keith leaves us a quiz to do which can help or not as in my case !! lol Good luck on Recovery and all you feel is part and parcel of what has happened to us..If in doubt always see Doc ..I never knew there was so many of us !! My Daughter found this for me as she was worried while I was out of it !! Keep Well and all the best on recovery... All the best xx Try a song as it helped me songs and laughter xxxx Never helped Family though as I am tone deaf but still get buzzing in ears xxxx
  8. Hi there, I do not remember much so a lot of help I am. But singing happy songs helped me but didn't do to much for my hubby and Daughter !! But this was after I had shunt fitted for hydrocephalus ..before that it was all a dream. Keep him Happy and cheerful it is early Days yet, we are in it for the long haul but he will get better if worried see Doc. Oh you are xx. Keep water by him as others have said. Keep him away from professional misery's, sounds rude but I didnt want to hear sob stories when getting well, as my brain hurt !!! Shh one was my Sister !!! OT's because I played them up told my husband, I will never be as I was, and to put me in a home. "Hubs said We will take her home" might have told them I don't like them ?? Finished up with a balloon to hit !! Bet I was a moo. On here is what happens to your brain when you have a bleed it is called "A Letter from your Brain", but I can never remember where it is in here ...it explains what his brain has been through Help someone xxxx thought it was under Inspirations ...Keep him calm, happy and watered and he should with your help get better. I knew I was getting better hubs moaned at me !!!! lol Good luck the pair of you xxxx This is a good site to come to as you know you are not alone in this https://web.behindthegray.net/topic/2113-a-letter-from-your-brain-by-stephanie-st-claire-©1996/
  9. Perhaps one day Winkie, when you feel okay we will see you in Green room it is under Forums. Sounds like you have enough to keep you going for a while though !! We are here for you if you need to chat. So good luck to you and yours xxxxx Win xxxx
  10. Hi NukeProf, I had mine in 2009 was out approx. just under a year I used to talk but remember nothing, after shunt was fitted to get rid of hydrocephalus I awoke and both me and Daughter had a good cry and we now laugh at the things I said when out of it. I was in hospital I am told and said to Daughter get my handbag Sarah and she told me "It isn't here Mum" I told her not to muck about but she told me I wasn't having any of it. I thought I was in a cafe we frequented instead of hospital bed ha ha xxx and lunchtime The OT's gave up on me but not Family was told in 2nd Hospital to put me in a home as I'd never be as was. My Hubby said "No we will take her home" I was lucky when they gave out hubbies Sounds like you have made a remarkable recovery I had SAH4 and was not as lucky as you ..After being told I'd never walk by my Brain injury team I can now walk when feeling fine 800 to 1000 yards but then back goes. Some days I ache so bad I don't walk at all but I can shower myself and have my dignity back. Thanks to Kings College and my Family and this site xxxx. Good luck on your remarkable recovery and we expect aches and twinges but we are survivors ..We are Special plus I cry easier now. xxxx
  11. Hi Teri, Just knowing you are not alone is a help in itself. On here we can tell our worries to others who understand . As for short term memory loss mine has got a bit better but I often say to hubs "Did I tell you this" and I get the look which = "Yes Win 4 times" ! But it gets better and when tired it is worse lol catch 22. Keep a smile handy for down days and I love to sing so poor hubs and Family and on here. (BTG) I have been known to feel a song coming on. My ears are echo and loud sea noises sometimes worse than others. Depends how many people are talking all at once lol xx shhhhh like waves !! Take care and look after you XXX Hope to hear from you soon Nice people on here xxxx All that the others have put also especially water xxx
  12. Hi Sallios, I was told I'd never walk again and the way they told me was abrupt like this "What makes you think you'll ever walk again" I looked at the BIT person = Brain injury Team. These people were supposed to help me !! In a way they did and I said to the man who said this to me " And what makes you think I wont?. Taken me 10 years to walk 1,000 yards to walk 1,000 yards but my aim is to do a full shop lol back still aches but I was out just under a year ...So Well done Sallios xxxx Some days I feel so tired I don't walk then I think of BIT man and it gets me up ..I also have lazy periods were I feel sad for myself but few and far between xxxx We have to keep at it xxxx She says thinking of bed !! lol
  13. Sarah you will make what you feel happy with xx Sometimes we wish they would tell us a lie. Mind you 95% is good odds, but only you can make decision. I'd be scared if it was me to be Honest with you. Your call and only you can decide but if you go ahead wishing you all the best. Good luck wish I was a fountain of knowledge as all on BTG helped me when I first came on here singing my troubles and fears away. Whatever feels right for you XX Good luck again XXXXX
  14. I have had Epilepsy since 14 nothing to do with my SAH but when in hospital they fitted EVD's and I got ventriculitis. None I remember but when told I was scared !! Just thought I'd add my tuppence worth ha xxx Good luck on getting mobile xxx
  15. Hi Winkie, We go through this and I realised what a good family I had 2 of my sisters sang to me, Hubby and Daughter took it in shifts. After my bleed I had 1 year of getting Ventriculitis UTI and then Sepsis..They say I spoke but never made much sense, still nothing changes xx When eating food in hospital I thought I was in a cafe with Daughter and silly things my brain only kept me in good times. You have had a bad time of it also so be of good heart sing and smile whenever possible, as my Brother when he knew I was going to be okay, he visited me and we sang all old time songs as we did as kids. Hope all is well for you now and hubby is getting better. Wishing you all the best and hope to see you in Green Room one day ..This site is a good place to give vent to feelings. xxxxxx
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