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  1. Hi Lori, My Daughter found this site while I was in hospital when I knew what had happened I was pleased I had got through it and realised what a smashing Family I had. Will take us some time to get better still working on back stopping me from walking. I came on here and people laughed and that in itself helps as we are not alone and any aches and pains I'd come on here and talk my worries over and I left laughing xxxx My Answer is singing and smiling a lot ..I mean sometimes I get the weeps, but I am an old dear and was a younger old dear before my bleed. We are here when you need to give vent ~ I do that a lot so Welcome to BTG and smile xxx or I'll sing and drive you potty ha just kidding xxxx Good luck Win xxxxx
  2. Hi Andrew I was at Kings College and was in cuckoo land for a year after a time I was sent to Maidstone where they told me/Family I wont improve and to say goodbye to who I once was. Put me in a home (Cannot use rude words on here but would have). I had hydrocephalus which kept me in unresponsive condition. Couldn't think straight and it was all a dream, so my hubby told Male Nurse at Kings and I saw original Surgeon and he suggested a shunt be put in ..I woke up and sang to nurse and was home in 3 days. My dogs were pleased to see me so if worried was you given a Nurses No. you could ring? If so ring them or get hold of your surgeon again ..Good luck xxxx
  3. I am walking after told to be put in home as I'll never be same phew thanks to Family xxxx Here to prove them wrong ..Human spirit steps in and tells us we can ..800 yards walking but aim is to walk without back going on me a whole weeks shopping xxxx Well done Mark and keep on proving them wrong xxxx Welcome to BTG my short name for this site xxxx A godsend when you have a down day and just to know we are not alone in this xxxx Welcome and keep on keeping on xxxxx
  4. All what others have put and keep happy xxxx I wish you all happiness and everything that life can bring you xxxx
  5. Louise when I first come on here I was "who typed first? ahh GG ahh but who was the one I forgot all of you" Happy 20 years and many more. This is a life saver this site as I always say. Saw so many joking and hold on but they are laughing and happy. I'll have some more of this ...Been a real pleasure to see you all doing well, and me I couldn't walk at all but I remember doing my 100 yards walk or 5 steps as it was in early days now 800 to a thousand yards ... You all said well done and Keith in those days had his chefs cartoon pic. Well done Louise hears to next 20 years xxxx and many more you have given me hope as always xxxx All of you are my secret pals who I tell my Family about they go yeah yeah Win lol xxxx Love you All Especially Louise today xxxx Go get em xxxx You have done really well xxxx Loved the last 2 lines especially Louise xxxx Thanks and all you Mods and Karen (goes without saying ) XXXX Song time ha ha j/k
  6. Tell them that you are a bag of nerves over this and stress isn't good for us Sarah, hope you do get things sorted as it is your head and you want the right diagnosis given. Good luck XXXX Scary for you xxxxxx Agrees with Sami and Tina xxxx Grrr puting you through this xxx
  7. Phew Sarah such a relief for you, now when you can drive I'll have a chocolate cake please xxxxx Young Lady
  8. Hi Carolyn, I remember first coming on here, I used to ask is it normal to have this and that. I was so scared !! Then I saw how many had bleeds etc and it gave me hope as I was sure I was dying, used to sing songs for funeral and any little pain scared me witless. If in doubt always see Doc...it will take stress away knowing it is the norm. I awoke after shunt was fitted, until then I was in cuckooland They are a nice lot on here and a trouble shared is a trouble halved, ..Welcome to BTG (Behind the grey) and we are survivors always remember that. Hope to see you in Green room forum when you are up to it. Headaches come and go !! but get less. All the best to you and see Doc to just get the stress and worry out the way xxx All the best Bossy Win ha ha xxxx ....Oh and on here under Inspiration is "A letter from your Brain" it tells you what happened to our brains. !! Make sure you drink water as I was told that also, as said above by Skippy xxxx
  9. I also lost my Dream world and then I had one and I realised I didn't miss them that much. I used to have vivid dreams and woke up hubs telling him off ..realising I had dreamt it all. Poor man !! Never mind we more than likely dreamt but our short term memory wouldn't let us remember and our brain needed to shut them out!! It is a funny old world and all what we go through, But so glad we are all survivors though xxxx Life is good Love to All
  10. Glad you had a good time and hope headaches subside xxxx
  11. Hi AH, I had headaches after I had shunt put in, before that I don't remember much. Since my pills have been changed I do get headaches every am after pills - a coincidence maybe, but nothing a paracetamol wont get rid of. I try and not take any other pills as on enough as it is. Wish you and Mrs AH all the best and hope her headaches subside, when stressed they play me up more. See doc again and let him know and it will maybe put her mind at ease and less stress for both of you. Nothing like peace of mind and knowing you are not alone in this. Good luck to the two of you.
  12. Winb143

    My story.

    Hi Philip, I was okay but felt tired on the day of my bleed SAH4 stayed in bed most of the day, Got up started making my Hubs tea a curry. He came home early as work had been rotten and he poured me a wine which I never got to drink as I passed out, 2009 and I woke up 2010 after shunt was fitted. So I was in cuckooland for a long while. It took me an age to get back to some normality, I knew after coming on here I wasn't alone and bang went the fear of my mortality as I never knew there were so many of us who had suffered these bleeds and it helps knowing you are not the only one. Saw my surgeon for first time after shunt check up, and I thanked him. He said to my hubby has your wife always talked a lot as if I wasn't there. So I interrupted him and said "When you are the youngest of 10 you have to speak quick as you wouldn't get a word in" !! Then he started speaking to me !! I told him my Aunt had a bleed and her 2 sons but surgeon said it was too distant it had to be immediate family ?? I still don't believe that xx lol But he must know more and he did save me after all xx Good luck xxxx
  13. Hi Charming, I was given hardly any chance but that was from OT's. Wanted to put me in a home as I'd never be the same. They never checked that my Brain and Hydrocephalus. A year later approx a shunt fitted and now watch out world I'm back lol . Cannot walk very far as back aches but after being told I will never walk again 1000 yards suits me on a good day but on a bad day I take to chair !! Avoid stress and sing and carry a spare smile, Do never ever listen to others sob stories as they bring you down so keep happy and go enjoy holiday. Always drink water and remember we are survivors maybe forgetful ones but we made it so be happy and enjoy yourself. We all get down days but they get few and far between as time goes on xxx Happy holiday xxxx Had my big 70 party and I got up and sang lol poor family ha xxx
  14. I had that after my SAH and a shunt that helped me wake up from cuckooland put in. I still felt a few funny days and was worried. I had an itchy scalp and creepy crawly head felt. When my Mum was alive she always used salt water so I asked my daughter if she would rinse my hair in salt water as good for me. I tried it and was okay for me!! But if you are worried nothing like getting up your Docs and asking him. Hope it goes xxx Feel better soon Win xxxx
  15. Hi Zach, I was sure I was not going to get better I started choosing songs for my Funeral (Morbid or what)!! Never told hubby or Daughter this, bad enough they had to put up with my singing. Daughter found this site and when I was well enough I came on here and started to sing which I'll never live down lol. Saw people on here talking about other things than Bleeds etc. I knew then if they have been through it so can I. This site as I always say gave me my smile back, as just knowing we are not the only ones, helps. Hubby was told I'd never walk again and to put me in a home !! Walking 800 to a 1000 yards on a good day and none on an off day. (Lazy) Keep your chin up and I'll keep my 2 up (my idea of a joke) Scary what happened to us but we do get better and sometimes off days, and I have to be reminded about short term memory loss. Me to hubs "Hubby did I tell you this joke ?" Hubby "Yes Win several times" ! We are in this for the long haul xxx Do not take other peoples worry while your brain is healing xxx Good luck and Welcome to BTG XXX Singing happy songs helped me !!
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