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    SAH 3rd Dec 2007 - Ruptured Berry Aneurysm - Basilar Tip - Brain Stem. Seven Hour Craniotomy - Right Side - Clipped
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  1. Hi Dave a very warm welcome to BTG So pleased to read you are doing so well after your non-aneurysmal subarachnoid haemorrhage. I can understand your frustration at not being able to drive, but its the law, frustrating as it may be. Here are links to some other posts that may help you. I do know from experience that the DVlA can be very slow, keep chasing them once you have sent all the relevant information to them. https://web.behindthegray.net/forum/23-driving-after-sah/ https://web.behindthegray.net/search/?q=driving Good luck and take care, let us know how you get on. Tina
  2. Casey what a beautiful inspiring poem, thank you for sharing xx
  3. Thinking of you Sarah and wishing you good luck for your appointment, hope you get some answers and peace of mind. Love & hugs xx
  4. Hi Sarah Congratulations on your 2 year anniversary xx Wishing you well xx Take care Love Tina xx
  5. Its a great feeling when you can finally drive again, brilliant news, well done !
  6. Hi Mark Thank you for sharing your story and welcome to BTG. Great to read you are doing so well and getting there. Wishing you well with your on going recovery. Enjoy driving your new car. Take care Tina
  7. Hi Lori I went through this nearly 12 years ago now. Things do get better. Sometimes its one step forwards and two steps back. I have learnt my limits and know the signs of when i have to slow down and listen to my body. Thank goodness your husband was there when it happened. Such a horrible scary time for your husband too. With your determination and lovely husband beside you, onwards and upwards Go steady and enjoy your second chance at life. Love Tina xx
  8. Hi Andrew a very warm welcome to BTG. I cant help you with your answers re your stent, but there are others here that can. I can really appreciate how very stressful it must be for you . the waiting and the not knowing. Here is a link to other posts about stents, hope this may help you. https://web.behindthegray.net/search/?&q=stents&search_and_or=or You will find lots of helpful information and caring support from others here. Take care and keep in touch, Tina.
  9. Hi Lori A very warm welcome to BTG, glad you found us. You are in the very early stages of recovery and all that you are experiencing is normal. I also had vision problems and lots of anxiety. I was under a specialist for my double vision etc, if you are not i would contact your Neuro team and get a referral. Mainly for peace of mind. The anxiety we all seem to suffer from. Your body has gone through a major life threatening trauma and you may take some time to recover. We are all different in our recoveries. Here is a link that may help you: https://web.behindthegray.net/search/?&q=anxiety&search_and_or=or&sortby=relevancy You will find lots of helpful information and caring support here xx Take care, rest up and drink lots of water, it really does help. Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. Love Tina xx
  10. Congratulations on your 5 year Ani-versary. Great to hear how well you are doing. Have fun volunteering and enjoy your retirement xx
  11. Congratulations on your 11 years ani-versary Colleen Hope you are not in too much pain and can celebrate in style! Thank you for sharing. Wishing you well and look forward to hearing more from you. Love Tina xx
  12. Congratulations on your 20 years Ani-versary Louise When i first joined you were there for me and helped me so much with all your support and advice. You are an amazing lady that has been through so much. I love the wording in your pictures you have on your wall. Thank you for sharing your journey. Wishing you and Ronnie all that you wish for and more. Love Tina xx
  13. Sarah, i agree with Sami, definitely take your folder with you next time and ask for explanations. Not good at all for your nerves bless you xx You just don't need all the extra worry of it all xx Hugs xx
  14. Great news Todd it is helping you and and really hope the nerve repairs itself and you wont have to go through it all again. Thank you so much for updating us, it will be very helpful for many. Take care and we look forward to hearing more from you. Tina xx
  15. Sarah so pleased you got through it ok, well done you xx Hope nothing further needed and he doesn't change his mind. Must be a new thing the not driving after. Take care, love & hugs xx
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