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  1. Hi Adam A very warm welcome to BTG, so glad you found us. How very scary for you and your family not being able to be with you because of Covid ! I was told 6 months to a year for recovery from a ruptured aneurysm that was clipped. Totally unrealistic. You are right, everyone is different in their recovery. Some great advice from Sarah and Sami. Rest lots and drink plenty of water. I also got very anxious and had panic attacks. My GP arranged for me to have counselling, it did help. The fatigue is something is still struggle with nearly 14 years l
  2. Hi Rosie its good to see you posting, welcome back. So sorry you are feeling low and tearful, sending you big hugs. I think with all thats happened in the last year it could have also just heightened how you are feeling. I still get very tired and that has not changed in over 12 years. Have my good and bad days too. Have you been to see your GP recently? Have you tried talking to someone about the way you are feeling? My GP arranged for me to have some counselling when i was struggling. I found it very helpful to talk to someone removed from family and friends.
  3. Great news Tony hope it wont be long before you get your license back ! xx
  4. Hi Tony A very warm welcome to BTG I know how very frustrating it is waiting to get your licence back ! It took me 2 years because of my double vision. If you have not already, read through some of the other threads here in this Driving section. Others have posted their experiences and this may be helpful. Try not to stress too much about your next test. You passed ok last time and i am sure you will this time. I would send all the information you sent before as well as your new test, just to make sure they have all the information to hand.
  5. Hi Dawny A very warm welcome to BTG So very sorry no one replied to your first post, i know how much courage it took me to post first time. Big hugs xx Again so very sorry xx I am pleased to read that you are going to have a telephone appointment next month and hopefully you will know more about what they plan for the next step. Must be awful for you, all the waiting! Agree with Clare, make sure you write down all your questions so you dont forget anything you want to ask. Sarah, Poppy and Lorraine have had a re coiling and have shared their
  6. Hi Pascal A very warm welcome to BTG So pleased the forum is helping you and giving you some strength and hope. BTG was a Godsend for me. It helped me realise i was not alone and all that i was going through was normal. We look forward to hearing more from you. Wishing you well in your recovery. Tina xx
  7. Hi llse, a very warm welcome to BTG glad you found us. As the others have said, i love your attitude and the fact you have ordered the masks and t-shirts Really hope your phased return to work goes well. We look forward to hearing how you are doing. Please feel free to also join in the daily banter in the Green Room: https://web.behindthegray.net/forum/9-the-green-room/ Take care, go steady. Love Tina xx
  8. Hi Keyo Great to hear off loading non essential things and reducing work commitments are helping with the anxiety and headaches. I really hope that you will feel healed and rested enough to enjoy your Sons wedding in May. I am sure you will feel exhausted after all the celebrations, but it will be worth it Take care Love Tina xx
  9. We are always here for you Susan. So pleased BTG kept you sane It has been a Godsend for me and many others too. Glad you are going to try and talk to your husband again and make some calls. Yes, it is more than ok to feel frustrated, sad or lonely. It is very normal to feel this way. You are both going through a huge life changing trauma. I hope no nasty reaction to your vaccines and you both have a lovely vacation. Your happy place ❤️ enjoy, you deserve it Keep in touch Take care Love Tina xx
  10. Hi Susan Bless you, its so hard sometimes. Sending hugs your way 🤗 Never feel like you are complaining. I know your husband went through it, but so did you and both are adjusting to the new him. Lock down this past year has been very hard and working from home and being together 24/7, you have noticed these changes in his ways so much more. If you feel you really cant sit down and talk about this with your husband. I would definitely go and see his Dr, maybe go together. Your GP can refer your husband or both of you for counselling. It would be an opportunity to dis
  11. Hi Rachathers A very warm welcome to BTG glad you found us too. We look forward to hearing more from from you. Wishing you well with your ongoing recovery. Take care Tina xx
  12. Congratulations Kathy on your 3rd year SAH Anniversary hope you got to celebrate in some way. Wonderful happy news on your 6th Grandson Lucas being born more celebrations Sorry to hear about your husband, wishing him well with his recovery. Well done on all the driving, not easy. Great news you have had your vaccination. I have had my first one and second booked for April. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday for the 31st March, same day as my Father. Its lovely to hear from you, thank you for sharing. Take care and wishing you well Love Tina xx
  13. Hi Debbie A very warm welcome to BTG Well done on getting back to school and doing so well. Three months is very early in your recovery, you will find your body will tell you when you need to slow up. You could be pushing too hard. I had strange feelings in my head during the first year of recovery. If the burning continues i would contact your Neuro Specialist for peace of mind. As Clare has said above rest often, drink plenty of water, this really does help. Your brain is recovering from a major trauma and also carrying on as normal. So working overti
  14. Congratulations on your 9 years Anniversary Daff Thanks so much for sharing, i love your blog Here is to many more small wins. Hope you had a lovely day celebrating life. Take care Love Tina xx
  15. Hi Jennifer A very warm welcome to BTG. So sorry to hear your Mom has been so poorly. Such a very worrying stressful time for you. So pleased you found us. You will find a wealth of information here and lots of friendly caring support. Sometimes these things do just happen and we never get answers as to why. It is very odd i agree. I had a brain stem aneurysm that ruptured. Symptoms just came out of the blue. I was perfectly healthy in every way. I was 45 when it happened. Its good to hear you are getting some help from family, as being a carer, also
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