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  1. Hello all! I hope that you are all feeling well! I am happy to report that my one year anniversary is coming up this Wednesday! I was wondering if anyone else took the time to celebrate or commemorate this event? I am planning to return to the place where it happened- I have not been back there since my SAH happened. Any ideas are gratefully accepted! On another note, for those of you who are recovering, it is really about the year mark when you start to feel slightly more "normal" (If that is ever truly possible.) I am back at work, being a full time Dad, and completed an 111 mile charity bike ride this summer. I have bad stretches like everyone else, but it has reached a point where I am not so frustrated and saddened by lack o progress. Hang in there, be positive, the best is yet to come! Noah
  2. Welcome! this is such a wonderful place for your questions and concerns. The members are all so supportive. Hopefully you will find solace in confiding in the group. I know I did. Best, Noah
  3. Hi Nick, I am approaching 10 months post SAH, and have been feeling better slowly. It can be a frustrating, roller coaster process, but it does get better. I went back to work too early and definitely suffered for a while. Storms still bring on headaches, I have good days and bad. But, I ultimately feel more normal. As for exercise, I am currently training for a 115 mile charity ride here in Vermont. I am also a runner, and I started back at about three months. That being said, I do not ride or run anaerobically if I can help it. My SAH happened during a running interval workout, so racing hard is not in the cards for a while. If you feel good, run, just take it easy. As you feel better, you can go faster (a bit.) Enjoy the run for the ability to run, a ride for the ability to still ride. Times are less important right now. Hope you are well. Best, Noah
  4. Thank you all for your advice. I guess that I am not very good at listening to my body. I have always been so good at pushing, pushing, pushing, that having to slow down (or stop) is never easy. I am not far along into recovery and am finding that the passive process does not mesh with my every day life. The more I think about it, I am falling into the trap of looking in the mirror and seeing that "I do not look sick, so I must be able to go about my day." That, as hard as it is to admit, is not the case. (Sigh*) Thank you all again. I was so happy when I found BTG, and it has helped immensely. Even when I just need a swift kick in the reality
  5. Hi All! I hope this message finds you all well. I had a quick question about medicine s during recovery. By the end of each day, I am exhausted, frustrated, and have a "veil of headache" that makes me feel just awful. Have any of you found a medicine or treatment that helps minimize the gross end-of-day feeling? I have tried over the counter headache medicines to no avail. Any suggestions you have would be greatly welcomed. Enjoy the day, and I wish you all a speedy and happy recovery. Best, Noah
  6. Hi! I have the same issue with headaches. I am about 4 1/2 months out from my SAH. The head discomfort limits my ability to "sleep in" when I get the chance. I can deal during the day, but really bright lights, flickering images on TV, etc. really make me things worse. At night, the veil drops and the dull aches sets in. Over time, though, the pain is less, and feels much more dull. I get the occasional throb through an eye into my brain stem area, but it does become much more manageable. I hope this helps a bit. It is hard to be patient, but you seem to be doing very well! Best, Noah
  7. Hello - hope you are all well! I am approaching four months into recovery, and the results, while good for the first month, are now reaching a type of backslide. I have not had any noticable improvements for the last month or so, and I am a bit discouraged. My question is for those who have a had a bit more time to recover. How did the recovery go? Timeframe? Any stories, information, or results you can share would be most appreciated! For the time being, I'm going to keep smiling! Cheers, Noah
  8. Hi Everyone! The is pretty severe in in Vermont, and I have a hard time warming up. My head suffers more than anything else. Just the dull veil of achy, crummy feelings. But, pushing through and layering up has allowed me to take my boys skiing regardless! I am still, however, a spring hopeful. Best, Noah
  9. I feel like a human barometer! Does anyone else experience headache pressure, general malaise, and an overall "bad day" when the clouds roll in? Every time the air pressure drops due to storms, clouds, etc. I end up feeling like garbage. I actually enjoy rain and snow storms for the most part. So, my physical manifestations seem strange.
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