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  1. Hi Issy I had my SAH 11th Dec 2009 and have suffered with noise sensitivity since then but to a much lesser degree now. It has got better over the years and I find I am able to tolerate a lot more now. If I am really tired it is worse but I try not to get to that point. I also find it can be worse around time of the month also, when I tend to be more tired anyway. Hopefully you will find in time that your sensitivity eases. Good luck Kel x
  2. KelBel

    Colleen's Story

    Hi Colleen, Welcome to the site. I can relate very well to the feelings of frustration when I cannot tune out all the noise around me in the office I work in, or when I am struggling to remember new information or find the word I am desperately wanting to say! Whilst it has got easier over time, to some extent, it can still be incredibly frustrating and tiring. Good luck for your continued recovery. Kel x
  3. Hi all, A quick update; As of last friday it had been 3 weeks since I initially contacted the hospital with my concerns and I had not received any callback. On Monday it had been 3 weeks since I had chased it up and I was told they would get back to me as soon as they could, but they are busy. I sent an email on Monday evening entitled Complaint and on Tuesday morning I had a message left on my work phone, an email reply and a call on my mobile. The secretary could not believe I had not had a reply and was getting on it straightaway I recieved a further 5 missed calls today (whi
  4. Hello lovely ladies Tina! I am sure everything is fine, I am just annoyed that he did not explain it thoroughly whilst I was there at the hospital in March! Especially as I specifically asked about it x Penny - exactly! There didn't seem to be any thought about how this news might affect me x Karen - I am sure they are happy that it is being monitored and did not feel the need to tell me about it as it could cause me undue stress. The fact I noticed these details and questioned it should have made them explain it to me in laymans terms. It would have made it much easier for me!x Daffodil
  5. Hi everyone I felt the need to come back on here after receiving some news this week from the hospital I was coiled at 4.5 years ago. I had a follow up MRA on 8th March this year and then had a follow up appointment with a Neuro consultant 19th March. I have been waiting since then to hear when they might repeat the MRA. In my mind, as there has been no change to my coiled PCOM aneurysm I had assumed I might get scanned again in about 3 to 5 years time... When I was at my appointment on 19th March I happened to notice an email on the consultants PC that was about me (attention to detail or
  6. Hi, I just caught up quickly on some of your posts. So sorry to hear about your hubby but I am pleased that he is now making some progress. I do hope that empty yogurt pot appears soon! Take care of yourself Kel x
  7. Hi Paul, I cannot believe this. I do hope you get that phone call today and get something done about this. Do they not realise what Lin has been through so far and simply does not need this kind of setback?! Kel xx
  8. Thanks Win - as much as I try not to stress, sometimes it just happens x Thanks Sandi - I will definitely keep asking for a referral. I might wait a week to make an appointment with my GP, as the Registrar I saw at Charing Cross did say he would write to my GP and suggest I get seen for the migraines. I have suffered with headaches of varying intensity since I was 11 yrs old. I used to get tension headaches, and my neck and right shoulder would always be really 'tight'. I then developed really bad headaches and a dislike of bright lights and strong perfumes at about the age of 20/21. The
  9. Prior to my recent follow-up I will provide a quick run through of what happened to me and when; I had my SAH 11th Dec 2009 I was admitted to hospital finally on 15th Dec 2009; at some point it was recorded that I had Chemical Meningitis, presumably following the 2nd CT scan with dye. I was coiled 18th Dec 2009; severe vasospasm during the op. I had an MRi/MRa Feb 2010 because of migraines & numbness in my left hand. I had a catheter angiogram to check my coil Dec 2010. I had a follow-up appointment Jan/Feb 2011 and everything was okay (didn't matter that I was having a lot of pain/b
  10. I know what you mean Mary! I think that is why I have been feeling low lately - because I haven't been doing enough of stuff I enjoy doing! Too much work and not enough play David - I have asked a few times about the lights in our office, and although they used to be able to remove bulbs they now can't do anything with the new light fittings we have (which have been in place for a year now). They are set to go lighter when it goes darker outside and they are all motion-sensored (?) too, so that when we have all gone home at the end of the day the lights turn off, so one light cannot be set d
  11. Thanks Win Hi Teechur I've not had a migraine since, but it took me all last week to actually get over the 6 I had in 3 days I did move desk at work last week to see if that would help but it didn't seem to. It is SO BRIGHT in our office. It also caused an issue with the colleague (a temp) whom I swapped with, who apparenyly thinks I should stop going on about my migraines or work will stop listening?! He needs to be careful what he says... I decided to swap desks again this morning before he got in, as the other desk was marginally better in some ways, so he just had to deal with it whe
  12. Hello Vi Sorry to hear about your hubby. It must be so hard to watch someone you love go through this. Having gone through SAH and coiling myself it is hard to come to terms with what happens to you. Fortunately I did not lose my abilitly to communicate, however I often found it difficult to think of the words I wanted to use. e.g. I might have thought 'green' instead of 'park', which used to frustrate me initially. I am 3 years post-SAH now and it can still happen now and again, but it is rare now. It can take many months for our brains to steadily recover from the onslaught of the SAH, b
  13. Thanks everyone. I think I have been suffering stress almost without realising it. I have found it stressful not going to the gym for the past 6 weeks, bacause of my arm pain. I still have no answer for that just yet; I called the Dr's yesterday but they had not received my x-ray through as yet. I will try again today as I need to know now. Usually I do have a lot going on in my life and I think I have been suffering from not doing enough lately. Too much time for my brain to be thinking 'what if' is not always a good thing... thinking too much and clogging up my brain and not doing enoug
  14. Hello everyone I’ve not posted for a while again, but I thought I would let you know what happened to me last week; I’ve been having trouble with my right arm for about 5 weeks and finally went for an x-ray last Thursday morning. After that I headed to a local pub as my team were meeting for a colleagues leaving lunch. I got there quite early so sat and had a couple of cups of tea before the rest arrived for lunch. After lunch we headed back to work and I was having an interview at 1.30. The interview went quite well and I answered all questions, some could have been better answers but I d
  15. Hi all I am extremely late finding this thread! I didn't really drink for the first 2 years post-SAH, however I have managed to enjoy a few more over the past year In fact I had rather a lot of vodka & diet coke at a friends party the other week but I then stopped drinking, made a cup of tea, then called a cab and got home and drank some water before bed. I did feel hungover the next day, but that was the first hangover for me in more than 3 years! In the early post-SAH months I felt like I had a hangover x100 so was too scared to have a drink! Kel x
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