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  1. it's that love and devotion that's keeping her going! how is she right now? has she got over the operation? let's hope she won't have to have any more and can put her energies into getting better each day. xxxxxxxxxxx
  2. i think she's gone back to the home she's been staying in, but i'm waiting for the day when she goes home with paul for good
  3. great news - here's to her recovery
  4. so great to keep hearing good news!! you'd better tell the staff to get waders next time!!! you can tell lin our daughter shaved her hair in solidarity with his dad when he had his bleed and now she's got the most beautiful pixie-style hair which she dyes a different colour each week, so lin will be very fashionable while it grows out! xxxxxxxxxxx
  5. oh that's brilliant news - i bet you'll treasure that smile!!! so pleased for you both and well done to her doctor for coming in early!!! :thumbsup:
  6. thinking of you both this morning xxxx
  7. i can't stop checking in here in case there's any updates. i can't believe someone has battled for all this time for something as ****** stupid as mrsa to set in, it's just so unfair. does anyone else think that things were better in hospitals when everything was run in-house with a harridan of a matron on each ward who oversaw all the cleaning? i saw such a difference between having my first and second babies 6 years apart. good luck paul and linda - i wish i had a magic wand to wave for you both right now xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  8. keeping everything crossed for you both - she's come so far, she must be able to fight this now. keep strong xxxxxxxx
  9. oh my goodness - what a terrible way to treat a human being!!! have they no compassion? sending lots of healing vibes to lin and a (((HUG))) for you - you must be at your wit's end hope to hear better news when i check back in xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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