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  1. To keep `the `shower` theme  Mrs Subs was so weak the nurses had said to her `Please don`t shower on your own`

    It wasn`t just once that they had to go in and rescue her from the floor !  She thought she was trying to help them save time.


    Daf,  thanks for taking the time to share your story. 


    Looking forward to hearing how you are dealing with the ups and downs this `fascinating`  post NASAH thing throws at you.  Most of us had never heard of it before and now it consumes our lives ! :)




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  2. Hello Katy and welcome to BTG


    So glad you found the site at a time when you feel you need support and understanding from people who have `been there`.


    You will get much help as you read the threads that are similar to your experience so far, and you will find BTG friends who are always keen to offer support based on their own journeys post SAH.


    I do hope your husband is coping well, as the trauma of seeing your initial struggles can be very tough to grasp and live with. Also the worries about the future for your recovery, when SAH is something that probably neither of you had known much about prior, can be emotionally draining.


    Please keep in touch and I wish you both strength for the days ahead in your recovery.


    It is early in your journey..., be patient and don`t ask too much of your body. Time will help and heal.





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  3. A warm welcome to BTG ....thanks for taking the time to share your SAH story.


    You will find so much help here as you search the various threads.


    It was good that you were in the Driving Range rather than out on the course when you experienced your SAH.


    You will find so many comments on here stressing to take the first year slowly and carefully. Pushing too hard in the early days rarely has the desired effect.


    I hope your family are adjusting to this traumatic event in all of your lives. This site will help them too in their understanding of your life post SAH.  I wish you well in your recovery.




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