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  1. Hello Rory, and also a warm welcome to BTG. So glad you found the site early and as others have said, you will receive great support. In reading the various Forums, you will get a wide perspective of SAH/ NASAH and what is has meant for our many members. Over the years BTG has been a focus for several US survivors from a wide range of states. You will come across their posts as you read. Like you our members began with little help and information about what to expect, and in some way that is understandable as the effects of brain trauma are varied in severity and longevity. Dama
  2. Sarah absolutely delighted at your news. Your feelings of relief and joy must be immense following all these anxious months of uncertainty and frustration. Subs
  3. Hello Clare, also a big well done 6 years on. So glad you didn't choose to give up your running. It's been great to follow the different distance challenges you've set over the years. Well done for facing your SAH journey challenges, and changing life and work when you knew change was the right thing to do. Change for you wasn't admitting failure but rather embracing an opportunity to do things differently. Thanks for your helpful and encouraging posts to members ...much appreciated. Keep on running and enjoying life. šŸ˜Š
  4. A BIG congratulations SM, 17 years post SAH is quite a journey. You have certainly so much experience to relate to our members from the many lows and highs along the way. Well done. One thing you have (probably even more than MZ himself) is plenty of grit and determination, and a desire not to let any SAH limitations restrict what you want from life. Saying goodbye to Penny was so hard for you but it is great to see how your new doggy friend Kizzy has brought many smiles to your day, and I also hope there will be holidays at your favourite resorts in the f
  5. Hello and many thanks for keeping on touch. The years pass by quickly and we (survivors and carers ) learn more about ourselves and how we deal with life post SAH. Great to hear how supportive your husband has been. His life and focus has also undergone much change. šŸ˜Š Keep enjoying the outdoors. A great way to bring positivity to a crazy world at the moment. Well done almost four years on. Subs
  6. Hello Phil, please don`t apologise for sharing how you are feeling. As has been said so many times, we are all here for each other, and getting support and help through the `down` moments is one of the main reasons this BTG site was formed. I was just revisiting your first post when you joined BTG in March 2017. You like many have been very fortunate to survive at all. I am sure you will agree that much of the great advice given by our members back then still applies to your situation today. Working in a high powered stressful environment and taking part in the
  7. Many thanks for sharing Sarah. So glad everything went well in the end and hope you wont have too long to wait for your scan results. Well done and for surviving the driving scare. šŸ˜Š Subs
  8. Hello Sallios. You have a very valid question about whether SAH survivors having an increased risk of dementia. As BTG is a support site rather than a medical advice site, your own consultant and medics will be in a better position to answer. It could well be that there are members of BTG who have had to deal with dementia at a later date and they may well comment on their experience, however the subject you raise is complex. SAH occurs in many different areas around the brain and each bleed or trauma has its own degrees of severity. Relating this to a late
  9. Hello Deborah and a warm welcome to BTG. So glad you were able to find the site so soon after you SAH. While we don't give medical advice you will receive much support from our members who have 'been there's and all have their individual experiences to tell. Reading their recovery journeys in the forums will give you much reassurance for your own recovery. All brain bleeds are quite unique and it is only in the weeks and months after that you discover the challenges you have to face. Some physical and some emotional. Andrea has explained so w
  10. Hello and also many thanks for taking the time to share one year on. Great to hear that you feel positive with life after SAH, even though you know that there are many issues that you are still trying to figure out and come to terms with. Some perhaps improving with time, and others where you feel `is this it ?`. This site is a testament to continuing improvement over many years. Keep taking each day at a time. In SAH terms one year is still early in your journey. Be patient, positive and protective of your healing brain. It will keep reminding you of your limita
  11. Great news....thanks for sharing. You both must be so happy that your husband has passed his driving assessment. So glad you both never gave up and many thanks to Johnnie M who guided you all the way. Subs
  12. Hi Louise... also congratulations and well done 21 years on. An incredible journey for you and your 'Rock' Ronnie. Coming this far has certainly made you a stronger person with a strong will to succeed. Truly you have shown great will power to challenge your limits and refuse to accept defeat. It has been great to share some of these years with you (six since I joined BTG) . Your regular posting of support in the forums and airing your views in the Green Room make you a much valued member of our site. Take care and hope you both take time today t
  13. Hi 'Compost' ... and also a warm welcome to BTG. Great to have you with us to share your experiences, and glad you are finding the forums helpful. You are doing well with your 'new' iPad. The IT thing is something we all get better at the more we use it. Well done 7 1/2 years since your SAH. I do hope you are still enjoying gardening in your retirement. There are many of us who could use your expertise to get our own gardens in shape. As Tina mentioned...the Green Room is where we enjoy some banter and is aptly named in your case. šŸ˜Š Wishing you
  14. Hello ... we appreciate you getting in touch again about your husband's progress. These four years seem to have passed so quickly since you first told us about his SAH. Well done to you both, and good news about his scan results. Wishing him well in the year ahead. Subs
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