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  1. Hello and also many thanks for taking the time to share one year on. Great to hear that you feel positive with life after SAH, even though you know that there are many issues that you are still trying to figure out and come to terms with. Some perhaps improving with time, and others where you feel `is this it ?`. This site is a testament to continuing improvement over many years. Keep taking each day at a time. In SAH terms one year is still early in your journey. Be patient, positive and protective of your healing brain. It will keep reminding you of your limita
  2. Great news....thanks for sharing. You both must be so happy that your husband has passed his driving assessment. So glad you both never gave up and many thanks to Johnnie M who guided you all the way. Subs
  3. Hi Louise... also congratulations and well done 21 years on. An incredible journey for you and your 'Rock' Ronnie. Coming this far has certainly made you a stronger person with a strong will to succeed. Truly you have shown great will power to challenge your limits and refuse to accept defeat. It has been great to share some of these years with you (six since I joined BTG) . Your regular posting of support in the forums and airing your views in the Green Room make you a much valued member of our site. Take care and hope you both take time today t
  4. Hi 'Compost' ... and also a warm welcome to BTG. Great to have you with us to share your experiences, and glad you are finding the forums helpful. You are doing well with your 'new' iPad. The IT thing is something we all get better at the more we use it. Well done 7 1/2 years since your SAH. I do hope you are still enjoying gardening in your retirement. There are many of us who could use your expertise to get our own gardens in shape. As Tina mentioned...the Green Room is where we enjoy some banter and is aptly named in your case. 😊 Wishing you
  5. Hello ... we appreciate you getting in touch again about your husband's progress. These four years seem to have passed so quickly since you first told us about his SAH. Well done to you both, and good news about his scan results. Wishing him well in the year ahead. Subs
  6. Hello Pat and thankyou for sharing with us four years on. As you say, you have survived, and although life for you has had its ups and downs ..... so glad that your final words are about laughter. 😊 So glad that your employment has been realigned to make work more acceptable following your brain trauma. Your kind words about the site and it`s members are much appreciated. Best wishes for the next year. Subs
  7. Hi and wishing your husband success at his driving assessment on Tuesday. On the mask question...there are so many different masks...but I opt for the common blue mask and so long as I press the top 'wire' firm to my nose and just inside the bottom of my spectacles...this works for me. Subs
  8. Hello Chris and thanks for sharing five years on. It's been great to follow your progress since you joined BTG ...the good times and the tough times too. Great to hear that you are so positive about your recovery to date. No doubt these 'covid' times are affecting your work and home life as it's affecting ours. Wishing you and your lovely family better days ahead. Take care and keep safe. Subs
  9. subzero


    Hello Riti and a warm welcome to BTG. Thank you for sharing with us. So sorry that you have suffered the trauma of SAH at such a young age and just when you had started your new job. It must be heartbreaking to find that your years of hard studying and early dreams for the future have been dashed so cruelly. We understand your hesitancy to come forward and tell your story, but you will find that being part of a community of SAH survivors will be a great support as you try and bring some `normality` to your young life. Many of the issues you mention are
  10. Hello Karen ... and a very warm welcome to BTG. So sorry to learn that your husband suffered from an Ischemic Stroke. While we do not give any medical advice, you will receive support from our members, as you learn how as survivors or carers they have coped with brain trauma. Your husband`s Ischemic Stroke is termed as common in as far as people being affected are concerned. The majority of our members have survived a Haemorrhagic Stroke which while being less common, the survival rate is extremely low. However, to a degree the roads of recovery will
  11. Hello and a very warm welcome to BTG. Please don`t apologise for the length of your first post. We welcome you giving such a clear picture of the events surrounding your SAH 17 months ago and how you have progressed since then. While we do not give medical advice, you will certainly receive very genuine support and advice from our members, all of whom have their own very unique journeys of recovery. Reading their input into the various forums will help you realise that you are not alone as you deal with life post SAH, and they will try and answer any questions you may h
  12. Hello Jess ... not just another day for you. Well done, 18 years post SAH is a great achievement. I hope you are taking stock tonight of how much you have achieved. The mental, physical and emotional battles you have had to face often on your own, must have unconsciously left your lads full of admiration for their mum. Often in their future lives they will draw on how they saw their mum survive and hold their family unit together despite the odds. Immense admiration for you Jess. Subs
  13. Hello Macca ...also congratulations and well done 10 years on. You're still there and have shown that it can be done. 😊 Thanks for providing your candid advice and support along the way. Also best wishes on your 8th wedding anniversary. Enjoy that Italian tonight. Subs
  14. Hello Veronica Just read your post on Carolyn's thread. Quote 'And the great end to our story, is that my husband Terry recently returned to his work as a locomotive driver, after over 12 months away from work. He spent a lot of time in his year off focussing on health, he joined a cycling group and made some great friends, and he started running. He will work a part time load to make sure he still has time to enjoy life, and pursue his fitness which he loves. ' Thanks for sharing. It is fabulous news to hear that your husband has been able to return
  15. Hello Sarah .... thanks for sharing Winnie`s memorial. A wonderful tribute to her memory. Subs
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