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  1. Good morning Daniel and thanks for your comments. So sorry to learn about your Classic XK8 Convertible's breakdown. Hope it's not too serious. On a lighter note you will have enjoyed the excitement and last minute drama of the FA Cup final yesterday. Sami is the expert on Liverpool, but being a lover of statistics you must say they are very well placed to get that 4th Champions League spot. Turning to your thoughts about your mum...yes at 79 your sudden brain trauma will have shaken her quite a bit...although mum's tend to hide their true feelings
  2. Hello Daniel and thanks for starting this separate thread in your quest for statistical information about SAH/ NASAH. Louise`s reply probably sums up how many members feel. For them BTG was a very valuable support following their discharge from hospital with what is generally agreed, very little information on how the next stage of recovery would be..... (the few boxes of paracetamol would aid the `early` and perhaps continuing headaches. Their immediate priority was to find out that their varied experiences post bleed were `normal` and to get assurance from our members that there
  3. Hi Daniel ... you may find this link of interest too in as far as it relates the feelings of a spouse on the 'other side of the fence' when her 110 mile an hour neurosurgeon husband couldn't 'prescribe his own medicine' following his own bleed.... and incredibly the comments from his neuro colleagues who should have known better. Subs
  4. Also very interested in the source of this statistic. Daniel when Mrs Subs was transferred to Western General in Edinburgh for her coiling procedure this was the first helpful site I was directed to. https://patient.info/brain-nerves/subarachnoid-haemorrhage-leaflet Many helpful comments. Subs
  5. Hello Daniel and again thanks for your post. You will bring up many posts by entering these topics individually in the BTG internal search option at the top of the home page, but no doubt you will already have tried this. Subs
  6. Hello Daniel Many thanks for your frank comments as you try and get to grips with the hand NASAH has dealt you. πŸ™‚ You made me smile .... after all the `gentle` advice we have given you .... you do this.... Quote As an example and I have no idea why,I decided to buy a stone fireplace today because it looked really nice and no, before you ask I have absolutely no use for it at this time in my life at all, and like I needed to hump 300kg of granite in and out of my car... my fiancΓ© was not impressed... ( neither were we !! ) You said you were used
  7. Daniel Hello Daniel and also a very warm welcome to BTG. Also so glad you have found BTG as you will definitely get help in understanding the challenges of SAH/ NASAH from the first hand comments of our survivor members. As others have said, this is not medical advice but solely based on how each have faced their own set of issues post SAH. There is no single `route` to follow as each bleed and individual has their own unique journey. When you are discharged by the specialist neuros who have helped you survive, they are unable to tell you what you will face.
  8. One year ago tonight a great friend passed away so unexpectedly. Winnie you were the best. 😊 You have left such a void in so many of our lives. Always thinking about you. Subs
  9. Jean, well done four years on. Your pragmatic approach to life after SAH, is standing you in good stead. Many thanks for sharing your thoughts openly along the way since you found BTG. It`s great to see how you have adjusted your life to deal with the hand SAH has dealt. As you say, you now have so many positives to look forward to with a grandson on the way and your son`s engagement. Keep up with the Spanish .... a special challenge for you. You live in a lovely part of the world. Mrs Subs and I visited Corner Brook on our 40th anniversary two and a
  10. Congratulations 9 years on Daffodil. I'm sure you never thought you would be floating down river on your water-board. A great achievement. 😊 Keep up that 'never say die' spirit. Subs
  11. Hello Rory, and also a warm welcome to BTG. So glad you found the site early and as others have said, you will receive great support. In reading the various Forums, you will get a wide perspective of SAH/ NASAH and what is has meant for our many members. Over the years BTG has been a focus for several US survivors from a wide range of states. You will come across their posts as you read. Like you our members began with little help and information about what to expect, and in some way that is understandable as the effects of brain trauma are varied in severity and longevity. Dama
  12. Sarah absolutely delighted at your news. Your feelings of relief and joy must be immense following all these anxious months of uncertainty and frustration. Subs
  13. Hello Clare, also a big well done 6 years on. So glad you didn't choose to give up your running. It's been great to follow the different distance challenges you've set over the years. Well done for facing your SAH journey challenges, and changing life and work when you knew change was the right thing to do. Change for you wasn't admitting failure but rather embracing an opportunity to do things differently. Thanks for your helpful and encouraging posts to members ...much appreciated. Keep on running and enjoying life. 😊
  14. A BIG congratulations SM, 17 years post SAH is quite a journey. You have certainly so much experience to relate to our members from the many lows and highs along the way. Well done. One thing you have (probably even more than MZ himself) is plenty of grit and determination, and a desire not to let any SAH limitations restrict what you want from life. Saying goodbye to Penny was so hard for you but it is great to see how your new doggy friend Kizzy has brought many smiles to your day, and I also hope there will be holidays at your favourite resorts in the f
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