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  1. Hello Jess ... not just another day for you. Well done, 18 years post SAH is a great achievement. I hope you are taking stock tonight of how much you have achieved. The mental, physical and emotional battles you have had to face often on your own, must have unconsciously left your lads full of admiration for their mum. Often in their future lives they will draw on how they saw their mum survive and hold their family unit together despite the odds. Immense admiration for you Jess. Subs
  2. Hello Macca ...also congratulations and well done 10 years on. You're still there and have shown that it can be done. 😊 Thanks for providing your candid advice and support along the way. Also best wishes on your 8th wedding anniversary. Enjoy that Italian tonight. Subs
  3. Hello Veronica Just read your post on Carolyn's thread. Quote 'And the great end to our story, is that my husband Terry recently returned to his work as a locomotive driver, after over 12 months away from work. He spent a lot of time in his year off focussing on health, he joined a cycling group and made some great friends, and he started running. He will work a part time load to make sure he still has time to enjoy life, and pursue his fitness which he loves. ' Thanks for sharing. It is fabulous news to hear that your husband has been able to return
  4. Hello Sarah .... thanks for sharing Winnie`s memorial. A wonderful tribute to her memory. Subs
  5. Hello Claudette and also thankyou for sharing on your 5th year post SAH. Great to hear that you have moved on during these years and come to terms with many of the lasting effects of your brain trauma. Wishing you another great year ahead where you can enjoy your work and value your new life. Subs
  6. Hi, sorry to read that you have no motivation to get back to your pre SAH fitness routine. The effects of brain trauma are so varied. We have many members who have slowly rebuilt their stamina in an effort to regain their fitness. For some the motivation is there but the body and brain are unable to deal with high levels of physical exertion. One year on is still early in recovery terms. How are other factors in your life such as work, dealing with the family and coping with inter personal relationships with family, friends and work colleagues?
  7. Hello and also well done 12 months post SAH. Thankyou for sharing. The first year is so challenging as you try and make sense of all that has happened to you following your brain trauma. Discovering and dealing with all that confronts you is daunting and you are not alone as you feel nervous about a recurrence of your bleed. Please take heart from the facts that this is very rare. Time will help you begin to put this to the back of your mind. Wishing you well as you face another year and hopefully progress in recovery journey. Subs
  8. Well done Andrea 5 years on. Don`t these years fly past. So much will have happened along the way but it is great to know you are enjoying life out there in the west coast. Those panoramic scenes which are part of your everyday life must be so exilarating (when it`s not raining ! 😊), and you seem to be enjoying being part of the team at work. Many thanks for your valued contribution to BTG over the years. Take care Subs
  9. Hello Majella and thank you for giving such a comprehensive update six months after your NASAH. As Casey mentions, your post will be most helpful for others in their early recovery journeys. Again, six months is still very early in `recovery` terms. The physical and emotional aspects only become apparent in these early post bleed weeks and months. Given time.... and the acceptance that trying too hard to return to `normal`can be detrimental to progress ...... many of the issues you mention do indeed show varying degrees of improvement. Your decision to
  10. Hello Packcuz and also a warm welcome to BTG. You will find so much support and helpful information within this site as you browse the forums relating to your condition. The personal experiences from our members offer great insight into how they have individually dealt with their recovery challenges. You will read often that each person has a unique journey ahead depending on the extent of their brain damage, their own family circumstances, and often the need to to make serious employment decisions for the future. You certainly are not new to healths challenge
  11. Michelle also congratulations six years on. You certainly have packed a lot into the past year. Well done for taking the time to give support to Andrea and Jan. They will certainly have appreciated it. Now it's getting that comfortable new car ... Many thanks for sharing with us along the way and hope the caravaning weather is kind to you over the summer months. Subs
  12. Sarah, the thoughts of all Winnie`s BTG friends have been with you, Al and your family during the past month. Winnie made such a lasting impression on us all, and we felt a BTG celebration and tribute would be so appropriate for your mum. https://web.behindthegray.net/topic/8969-a-celebration-of-the-life-of-win-betts/
  13. Hello Matthew and welcome as a member of BTG. Also glad that you have been finding the site helpful in the years following your SAH. Our members will make every effort to support and encourage both you and your wife. Firstly well done almost four years on. SAH really does have a life changing impact on the whole family. Perhaps you could provide more information about your progress in the early months. We are here to listen and dont worry about how long it takes. For example how was your employment affected? With a very young f
  14. Hello and also a warm welcome to BTG. The after effects of SAH are varied and often complex depending on the nature and position of the bleed. When discharged survivors are often left with so many questions unanswered. This is in the main because every case is quite unique and only as time passes do you and your family become aware of how debilitating or otherwise your brain trauma has been. As Sami mentioned, there are members who are recovering with shunts, and shunts have been the subject of much discussion on this site. The following link wi
  15. Hello Paola .... and a very warm welcome to BTG. You are right .... here you are in good company and you will find great help, support and reassurance as you read the recovery journeys of our members and discover their wllingness to help you with any questions you may have. You certainly were dealt a harsh blow nine months ago firstly with the SAH and then to suffer a debilitating stroke. You have done so well to regain what you feel is 85% of where you used to be. SAH recovery is still a lengthy process depending on the extent of the brain damage caused by the bleed.
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