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  1. We had a call from one of the neurosurgeons at Kings saying that the problem is most likely due to blood in the cerebral spinal fluid irritating the nerves and that it will eventually go as the blood disperses and gets absorbed. To some degree, also due to muscle wastage. The pain now seems to be varying between being bearable to being quite uncomfortable but nothing like it was a few days ago. We've sorted out a heat pad and props behind the knees which has helped tremendously. All else with Lynn seems to be par for the course - overwhelming tiredness, not sleeping at night but dozing on and off throughout the day. She seems to be doing really well though and in good spirits which is great. Thanks to everybody on here for continued support, encouragement and advice.
  2. Thanks again Karen. Lynn is taking the co-dydramol every 6 hours around the clock and has been since she was prescribed them a few days ago. Yesterday wasn't so bad apparently but today not too good at all. Though it doesn't seem to relieve the aching, she can't lay still so has to get up and walk around which gives very slight relief.
  3. Thanks Karen, that's very encouraging. Yes, our GP mentioned about the blood in the spinal fluid irritating nerves but Kings said that it was more likely due to being laid in bed for that amount of time. Could well be one or both I guess. It certainly does look like there's been quite a bit of muscle wastage as Lynn's legs are quite a bit thinner. She's on co-dydramol and Amitryptiline at the moment but I'm wondering if physio will help. Thankfully, she hasn't had any headaches so far.
  4. Thank you for the lovely message and words of encouragement. I maybe should have been a bit clearer...Lynn is thankfully fine with walking now but just has a relentless ache which may or not be related to her injury. Just wanted to see if anybody had similar problems after leaving hospital?
  5. Hi all, Finding this site has been a godsend. So many resources and so many people with the same thing in common. My name is Paul. My wife Lynn suffered a SAH secondary to an aneurysm just over 3 weeks ago. She was taken to our local hospital by ambulance then onto Kings College Hospital where she had her op. At the moment I'm unsure whether it was a grade 1 or a grade 3 as her ward notes said 3 but her discharge notes say 1. I will be calling the hospital next week to find out which. So, she has just finished her course of nimodipine which is heartening and seems to be doing really well, so far as her injury is concerned anyway. Of course, Lynn is tired and her sleep is all over the place but apart from these things and double vision, she says she feels fine. One thing that is an issue is that she has what she describes as a "relentless ache" in her thighs and occasionally, her lower back. We've spoken to the support nurse at Kings and also our GP and they both say that this is down to having 17 days of bed rest. Though is could possibly be due to the blood in the CSF irritating nerves and will eventually go. True, Lynn's thighs seem to be quite a bit thinner than she went in plus she also had some lower back problems about 3 years ago but the painkillers that she's been prescribed seem to have little effect. Has anybody else had this problem? And if so, what did you do? It's very very unusual for Lynn to cry but this is reducing her to tears as the ache is so bad. Just looking for a bit of direction
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