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  1. jess


    Hi lorna welcome to btg xxx You need to start off with little walks alone. I was terribly anxious to begin with wouldn't go anywhere alone so glad I turned things around as I have two children (after sah) and me and my husband (their dad) have split up so I don't know where I would be now if I hadn't. You will be ok it will get easier Mr and the kids go on holidays and day trips all the time now mine was 16 years ago xxx
  2. jess


    Hi Angela welcome to btg I have took your full name off as lots of people see the posts. You are still early in your recovery make sure you rest when you need to and drink plenty of water. I still stutter when I feel tired drag my feet and get headaches. Keeping a diary is a brilliant idea not only will it help you to remember things but in a couple of years time you can read it and see how far you have come. Hope you keep getting better
  3. Congratulations on 9 years xxx Hope you have many more xxx
  4. jess

    Ten Years Today

    Colleen congratulations on your 10 year anniversary xxx Hope the anxiety attack was a one off and you don't have anymore try not to worry about them it only makes them worse xxx
  5. jess

    2 year MRI scan

    I had to see mine in 2011 my heart was racing as I thought something must be wrong everything was fine xxx Try not to worry xxx
  6. jess

    2 years today

    Hi there pat I still get fatigue fuzzy head and anxiety but not as bad as what it was I am 16 years out now xxx Try to relax drink plenty of water and rest whenever you need to xxx Congratulations on your anniversary xxx
  7. Glad everything went well xxx
  8. jess

    Comeback - Bill

    Yes I am a bit of an hoarder books, the kids toys, my magazines... honestly I shall have to sort it out xxx
  9. jess

    New here - Samantha

    Hi there SamO welcome to btg xxx So sorry for your loss losing your father must be terrible and to then have what he died of however you survived for a reason xxx Eating takeaways don't stress about it that's all I could eat for a while after xxx Headaches I still get them 16 years later but they are just normal headaches yours will ease as time goes on xxx I still get anxiety sometimes but not as bad anymore it all gets easier xxx Drink plenty of water and rest when you need xxx
  10. jess

    Comeback - Bill

    Hi Bill welcome back to btg xxx It is great to hear that your doing so much better xxx Hope to hear more from you xxx
  11. Hope everything is ok xxx
  12. Hi Susie I had terrible headaches not as bad now my Dr gave me co-codomol and amitriptyline for them and they are alot better xxx Hope yours improve soon xxx I am 16 years out now and they do get better xxx
  13. Hi sorry they are not helping you find something you can take. I obviously cannot give medical advice but I can tell you what my Drs prescribed for me co-codomol they are good and they work they also give me amitriptyline for nerve pain ask you Drs if you can have that xxx The headaches, i was fine but my headaches came back too but I have had them 16 years now my Dr said they will never go away they do get milder and less often thought xxx Weak arms it might not be anything to do with you sah like you said it maybe from holding your iPad or something like osteoarthritis which I have and it causes my arm to feel weak xxx Hope this has helped a bit and you start to feel better soon xxx
  14. jess

    One year anniversary

    Congratulations hope you have a fantastic time xxx
  15. Hope everything goes well on the 15th October xxx