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  1. Hi Sharon I have had a ruptured one clipped and an unruptured one 3 months later I didn't want a ticking time bomb however everyone is different xxx I was in a week with the unruptured one Good luck with whatever you decide to do xxx
  2. Hi there I have had two children naturally since my sah caused by ruptured aneurysm I had two brain aneurysms both been clipped xxx I would really try not to worry though and speak to your Dr they wanted me to abort my first child (thank God I didn't listen my neurosurgeon said I would be fine) get in touch with your neurosurgeons office someone will be able to help xxx And congratulations on your baby xxx
  3. You can open your mouth in the end I think it took about 8 months but I had two craniotomies one September 2002 and one January 2003
  4. Feel free to have saying type them into the internet have a read about them as if you could tell you Dr exactly what you have they may be able to help xxx
  5. Hi there it could be lack of oxygen if you have asthma could be causing headaches xxx I get terrible headaches if the weather changes in the heat I get more i also have brain zaps lightheadedness it's awful xxx Try not to worry but ask to see a specialist xxx
  6. Hi there Andrea sorry about your mum but glad you got to spend some quality time with her xxx Good luck with your scan hope it all goes well and you get the results you want xxx
  7. I was left waiting ages when I went for a scan and their reason was well th ere was nothing wrong with you we needed to see the ones who had got problems first to arrange operations and discuss treatments xxx Obviously I don't know why they are making you wait but maybe there is nothing wrong maybe they want to leave you longer see what mental state (depression anxiety ptsd ) you are in I was reading somewhere they were planning on longer follow ups to check how patients are feeling xxx Hope everything goes well and you keep on improving and recovering xxx
  8. Karen congratulations on 14 years xxx Thanks for all you have done/and continue to do xxx
  9. Speak to the Drs as mine prescribe co-codomol and I still have headaches 17 years later but they have got better xxx
  10. Congratulations on your 5 year anniversary xxx
  11. Beautiful words Neil so sorry for your loss xxx Cassandra rest in peace
  12. I used to be scared at every strange feeling or pain in my head but it's now been 17 years (this September) so I have got used to it. Drink more water relax and try not to worry
  13. jess


    Welcome to behindthegray glad you found us xxx Hope everything is ok xxx Hope you find the site useful xxx Anything you want to ask I am sure someone will be able to help xxx
  14. Hi Joe the longest shift I do is 7 and a half hours that makes my whole body ache sometimes but I have something else wrong as Well Speak to your boss and see if you could perhaps cut your hours down a bit or try something different
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