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  1. Pat that is brilliant really glad you have a new job and that you are happy congratulations on five years xxx
  2. Thanks everyone xxx If my words have helped even one person then I am happy xxx
  3. Well I cannot believe my eldest is 18 and I worried I wouldn't see him grow up and here is the day so to everyone who is afraid of having another stroke or not seeing their children grow up don't worry I never let the fear consume me and I am so glad I didn't as I could've wasted 18 years of my sons life and missed all the important times xxx I had some dark times over the years god its been tough but I never really let the kids see it I used to lie in bed at night and think and cry but that was my worry time xxx I don't worry half as much anymore but I wanted to come here today and let you all know you can live after you can be happy you can get through the fear xxx All the best to everyone at btg keep moving forward never let anything or anyone hold you back xxx Karen and all the moderators thanks for being there over the years when I have needed to vent and through family problems me and my husband splitting up losing my mom earlier this year you will never know how grateful 🙏 I am to you all ♥️ I have put it here rather than green room as I went visitors to the site to also see how you can be happy after hemorrhagic stroke you can have a life so keep on keeping on never give up xxx
  4. Hi there try not to worry my 3 new ones haven't grown in 10 years they were noticed in 2011 I was told in 2020 they were there how considerate of the hospital for notifying me only took 9 years lol If mine haven't grown in 10 years I try not to think about them as I may get hit by a bus before any thing happens with them I know it's hard and it's not easy to come to terms with but keep trying hope you feel better about it all soon xxx
  5. Hi there welcome to btg sorry you need to be here xxx Hearing loss I have had problems with my ears since the sah in 2002 I describe it as its as if I have suddenly gone under water that's what it sounds like I get tinnitus daily to some degree drs were telling me my ears were fine but after a swab it turned out I actually had an infection (for 18 months everyday I was taking antibiotics with a couple of days break between courses and with regular swabs just wouldn't go) xxx Pain in base of spine I still get that but that is due to osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia which I have been diagnosed with both yours is probably from the blood as it takes a while to absorb hopefully it will go soon xxx
  6. Hi there welcome to the group Davie xxx Try not to worry as at least they know something has changed xxx I couldn't read for years after the bleed i couldn't remember what I was reading but I can again now xxx Speak to your drs and ask them what the letter means what is going to be done and when it will be xxx Hope everything goes well xxx
  7. Goodluck 🤞I am sure everything will be fine xxx Hope you have a speedy recovery 🙏❤
  8. jess

    New Partner

    Hope things work out well for you both xxx
  9. I used to worry terribly but 19 years later two kids since we holiday every year I have just gone from two and a half days a week at work to six (because of kids not sah) bit I was petrified of going anywhere but since me and my husband split I do it all xxx Life is for living try not to worry and speak to your dr xxx
  10. Hi Brenda sorry John has had another stroke but glad you have come back for support and to update us Hope things improve for you both xxx
  11. Recovery after planned op was fast I was pregnant within two weeks and running for buses lol you will be fine try not to worry xxx
  12. So sorry you have to have another operation but I am sure you will be fine its on the 19th anniversary of my op to clip my ruptured aneurysm xxx Try not to worry they called the clipping of my second aneurysm routine relax whilst recovering and don't do to much drink plenty of water xxx Good luck you will be fine xxx
  13. Hi there, I get numbness all the time in my face arms and legs, it's been 19 years for me. Lots of things can cause it. I have nerve damage from where he had to remove part of my skull to operate but I also have other medical issues that can cause those symptoms. Try not to worry and speak to your Dr find out what's causing it for you. Hope it eases soon.
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