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  1. Thanks for this Laura. Jump is my sister. We are both really worried as dad still isn't walking! He is able to control both his legs but has pretty much been bed bound for the last 8 weeks and the past week he has been sitting in a chair. Dad is on a stroke rehab ward and not a neuro ward. The lack of walking is very worrying as we are unsure if he isn't walking because a loss of muscle mass or due to his SAH. Brilliant to hear your dad is on a neuro rehab ward. We have been told that dad is 6th on the waiting list. He has been assessed as a 7 on the dependency scale and that those lower down
  2. Hey all! Thanks for the responses. So - good news...the SALT team have been today and he is now on soft foods as part of a normal diet! Hurrah!!! He has had a digestive biscuit, three quarters of a banana and cauliflower cheese for dinner! Thank goodness. Mum also bought some small yoghurts and he has had one tonight during visiting. He has also been put on the waiting list to move onto the specialist neurological rehab ward rather than stroke rehab! Brilliant news. Bad news - he has a ****** cold now!!!!
  3. Hi All, Just needing more help with dad. Dad is still on an NG feeding tube but has also been allowed to have a purified diet and normal liquids. The SALT team assessed him last week and he has been on a purified diet ever since. Over the weekend and on Monday he ate well. However, yesterday and today he has refused all food apart from a yoghurt. His NG feeding tube is giving him all the nutrients he needs but dad is just being stubborn dad and refusing to eat any of the purified food. Yesterday he told us it looked disgusting and he was able to stand his fork in it and the fork didn'
  4. Thanks so much. Very very helpful. I spoke very briefly with the physio yesterday and asked how the legs were doing. She said wobbly and that other muscles are working too hard so they have to work quite slowly with him. This made us all feel a bit down as dad is, as I previously said, a very upbeat, strong and determined gent. Before the SAH he used to play golf five times a week, was the captain of the golf club, went to car boots every Sunday morning (up at 5:00am) and used to sell concrete garden products at the car boot sales - lots of heavy lifting. I am not quite sure that the physios
  5. Reading this has been a real inspiration. My dad has gone through pretty much everything you described. He had hydrocephalus as a result of his grade 4 SAH and had a magnetically adjustable shunt fitted around two weeks ago. The difference has been just superb and we feel like we have got dad back. However, he still confabulates and is currently still wheelchair bound despite being determined to get out of the wheelchair and walk normally - there is time! Reading your experience has been a real boost. Thank you so much for sharing.
  6. Hi Laura, This is very very helpful! Thanks. Its so good to have someone else going through the same thing. The main thing that concerns me is that dad has walked for nearly 8 weeks. He has only just started on purified food. Sadly, what seems to have delayed things is the fact that his consultant and the specialist neuro nurse in the initial hospital both went on holiday for two weeks at the same time. We were assured that dad had a plan in place but nothing seemed to happen. We really had to push to get him onto a stroke rehab ward and things have been positive. However, not everyone is aw
  7. Thanks so much for all the comments - very very helpful! All the family are having up days and down days at the moment. Its really difficult. We are pretty terrified of dad ending up in a home or not being able to fully cope for himself. We are fully aware that dad won't be the same as he was but we just pray that any disabilities are minimal. Ugh - such a difficult time
  8. Hi All, I have just joined! I thought I would post about my family's current situation. My dad suffered a ruptured aneurysm on the 2nd June this year. Initially it was a grade 2 bleed but then progressed to a grade 4 as he was in hospital waiting to be seen. He was then transferred to the specialist neuro hospital (Preston Hospital) on the 2nd and had emergency surgery during the night to fit a drain. He then had the aneurysm coiled on the 3rd in the morning. He remained in critical care for just over a week. When he came round he was very emotional but he also seemed pretty normal. H
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