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  1. The lovely comments and support I have received so far have been wonderful and very reassuring for my brother and the family! I'm sure Bob will benefit greatly from communicating with you lovely friendly people! Thanks for being there everyone at such a strange and shocking point in our lives. Sending love to all. Jackie & Bob xxx
  2. Aww thank you so much everyone for your replies! It is so good to hear about the experiences of others as it will give Bob some hope that the pain will lessen eventually. He is due to have another lumbar puncture before his next angiogram so hopefully the doctors will know a little bit more after these procedures. I am hoping Bob will join the forum as I'm sure communicating with you all will be so good for him. He has a busy household with 1 son, 3 daughters and a granddaughter all living at home so he is coming to say with us for a while to convalesce as we have a big quiet spare room, and all the family can visit whenever they want. I will certainly pass on your messages to Bob, he will be amazed and delighted that this forum even exists! Many, many thanks everyone. All the best to you all Jackie (and Bob!) xx
  3. Hello everyone, I am new to this great site and am just wondering if anyone has experienced constant unrelenting pain after an SaH? My brother who is 56 went to bed last Sunday night and felt an explosion in his head. He had a significant bleed but didn't pass out and the scans and initial angiogram haven't detected a cause as yet. However despite a variety of pain medication over the past few days he is in total agony and finds it very difficult to sleep. He was amazed when his consultant said he was very happy with his progress and that things seemed normal! My brother wonders how this can be normal with the continuous worst pain he had ever experienced in his life? Has anyone else experienced such unrelenting pain in the first week after an SaH? This has been such a shock to all the family and we are so worried about Bob's constant pain. Even morphine didn't touch it!! Any comments or advice which I could pass on to Bob would be so welcome. Thank you
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