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  1. Hello Sarah, I'm coming up to 2 years since my NASAH and the headaches I get do seem to correlate with increased periods of stress, and they have varied in intensity over the last 2 years. Of course, the usual 'seek medical advice' applies, but I hope all goes well. daf
  2. Hello Eric. It's been 9 months since my NASAH. I suffer a lot from anxiety, work paid for me to see a counsellor back in Feb which did help. I had six sessions, with some hypnotherapy; this only scratched the surface but I can't afford more sessions. It did give me some perspective as well as some basic techniques to deal with anxiety. I still get big headaches, often linked to stress but sometimes seems without any obvious cause. I appreciate it's difficult not to worry about them. I love running and got frustrated about my lack of fitness, so got 'ginger rage' an
  3. I wrote this about 3 weeks after my NASAH as I wanted to update friends and family on what we were going through; I did put it on social media and at the time it helped a lot, ensuring that lots of well-meaning 'well wishers' stopped deluging me and my wife with questions, as it was all there in one piece for them to read. January 3, 2017 Just run through it…the road to recovery after NASAH – Part 1. December 13th 2016 started much like the rest of December had. Up early, running gear on and out with the dogs for the pre-planned Marcothon 5k route. I was mildl
  4. Hello Josie, I had my NASAH whilst out running in Dec 2016 (was half way through Marcothon 2016, as it happens). I first tried a slow 5k about 2 weeks ago and for me it's just about getting the confidence back to run again. GP said to take it slow, but as I had the haemorrage on a run (and that was an easy 5k too, with nary a hill) it's my emotions that are stopping me. I enjoy fell-running very much so I'll get back into it. The 5k I did was a repeat of 'that NASAH route' and nothing terrible happened. Good luck with your running recovery. Daf
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