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  1. hello to all followers, my first time responding or commenting on this informative site. I am 71 yrs old, Canadian and on Canada Day, '18 I was diagnosed with a "big brain bleed" following 4 days of the incapacitating headache. As a retired nurse, I was wrongfully convinced it was meningitis as I couldn't lower my chin to my chest, combined with the headache, often a classic sign. I had the aneurysm coiled and hospitalized for 12 days. Neuro Dr says I have another smaller aneurysm they will keep an eye on. Almost 500 days now post SAH and only 6 of those days have I bee
  2. Hello all from Ont Canada... first time posting on this informative site... I have found comfort and knowledge in reading all you've shared. One year out now from my SAH which was coiled on July 1 last year.. MRI shows I have another smaller aneurysm they have been keeping an eye on. In the 400 or so days since my surgery, I have only enjoyed 5 days without a headache ! On the pain scale, most have been a 3 /10 and relieved with Tylenol. First go round I suffered 5 days with the unbearable headache most of us experienced before seeking help. Never again..
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