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  1. Well done Bri, super attitude mate. The only way to be!
  2. Good luck getting answers! That’s just the nature of PMSAH. I had my bleed, the initial DSA didn’t show anything. Neither did the MRI. Then 10 days later they find big blood clots in my venous sinuses but no cause for the bleed with the follow up DSA confirmed by MRI/MRV. They still had no idea. Not their fault, there was just no obvious source of the bleed or what caused the clot. It’s a tough one, would you rather have an aneurysm or avm and know the cause or keep your PMSAH and it’s generally better prognosis? The one thing I’ve gleaned is that rebleed for PMSAH is super rare. Regardless, one thing I know is it’s horrible no matter what. All we can do is fight on! Cheers, Dave
  3. Hey Bri, Sounds very similar to what I experienced. I managed to add cerebral venous sinus thrombosis to the mix and was running (slowly) 4 weeks later. Certainly felt a bit funny on that first month back but 12 months later it all seems fine. Sounds like we have a similar wife! My neurosurgeon said running was a good thing to do as long as I didn’t push to hard early on. Now I’m back to marathons occasionally and a fair bit a week. Your body will tell you if you’re going to hard. Enjoy it when you get the first one done! Cheers, Dave
  4. Cheers Chris. Can’t keep us runners down! Great work mate! AMI, I had my PMSAH July 28 2018. You will get to that finish line mate. If you can get to 10k now, you’ve got it. Just be ready for a smile that you can’t wipe off your face and a few tears as well. Well done!
  5. Great work win. We get those victories where we can and they’re all sweet. Well done xxx You get it Clare. I actually feel better after a run. I need it to help me get better. Well done xxx Well done to all of us. Keep swinging!
  6. As we all know, this experience isn’t always fun. It can be extremely difficult to wake up one day and everything in your life has been turned upside down. If I had to take one thing from all this: never stop trying. There will be victories. There will be more tears but those wins will be all the more sweeter. So what’s my recent victory? Before all of this PMSAH/CVST stuff I was a ultramarathoner. Loved it. Now the thought of it scares everyone who loves me. But we, the survivors, have to keep moving forward. Have to keep living, for if we don’t, what do we have to live for? So 2 weeks ago I did my first marathon back. Absolute glorious day and although there was no personal record, there was a huge victory over my illness. It felt so good those final metres of the over 42000 I’d plodded out. I’m lucky and I know it. I’ve recovered well but I still struggle at times, physically and mentally. I don’t expect I’ll ever recover completely and there’ll be hard times ahead. I’ll get through them tho, safe in the knowledge that if I stay strong and keep swinging, those little victories will be there. Good luck to us all and may the little wins be the sweetest ones of all!
  7. Hi Charlie, Im pretty lucky I think, I’m at a bit over 4 months and have had minimal issues since about 2 months. I’m back a work now, powering on as much as they need me (I’m a casual but worked 10 days this fortnight). I get tired at times, more so than before especially if I have to concentrate for extended periods. Run a marathon no probs but if I have to think... Stay positive is the best advice I can offer. I’m up and down a bit but as long as you just keep remembering it will take time and keep working at it, you’ll be giving your self the greatest chance at recovery. All the best Dave
  8. Hi Todd, All sounds pretty standard. I’m 4 months in now and felt pretty good after the initial awful time we all have with this. Now I can get a tad sketchy with similar to what you say. Give yourself time mate, you’ve had a brain injury. It will take time to come right. Stay positive! all the bst Dave
  9. Hey Jojo, As was previously stated, you are not an impostor. All of us recover differently. We all still had a bleed tho! Your experience sounds similar to mine so I can understand why you feel like that. I would run up to 130kms a week in training for ultramarathons and I am 45 so it sounds similar. I had mine 14 weeks ago today and seem to have made a full recovery. A few little niggles here and there but a lot better than a lot of people that are still suffering. Stay positive. I reckon that was the key. A few days after it happened, when I was starting to be able to think straight I worked out what I had to be grateful for and it was a lot. I was unsure if I would be able to run again but made peace with that. Luckily enough, I’m now killing it again and heading back towards where I was at 14 weeks ago. Find out all you can about your condition. I now know so much about the brain I just had no idea about previously. My journey started here at BTG. This community is full of wonderful people and is a real godsend. You will get there mate. There will be ups and downs but just stick at it. You’ll be back as fit as a fiddle before you know it! All the best, Dave
  10. Hi Michelle, Im with super Mario on this one, talk to a professional. I had my pmsah the day before you, I’ve already had three sessions with the psych. It’s helped me immensely. I’m very lucky because my recovery seems to be going very well but I’ve stayed positive and talked as much as I can about it to anyone who’d listen and I’m sure it’s helped. The physical side is important but I truly believe the mental side is just as important. If all else fails we are always here to lend you an ear mate. Stay safe and well Dave
  11. Just thought I’d add to this thread. I was running at least 90 kms a week prior to my pmsah. Absolutely loved it. It was nothing for me to run 20kms before work. I was training for a 100 miler when my brain when bang. Needless to say, I’m a tad disappointed. However, 4 weeks after my bleed I was able to trot a 5km out at my home parkrun. It was a great feeling. I think I’ll be able to get back to some semblance of training soon although I reckon I’ll struggle with fatigue like many others here. I also think back to a few weeks ago lying in a hospital bed wondering if I’d ever run again. My doctor told me I was fine to run as long as I didn’t try to do what I had before. We’re all different and I think I got off pretty lightly (as long as the clot I’ve got does the right thing and disperses) and am recovering well. Exercise is a huge part of that for me. It’s important, like all of us, that I listen to my body. Good luck to everybody.
  12. Hi Susan, I have regular adjustments and never had any problems. I had my pnsah a bit over 5 weeks ago. It had been a bit over 3 weeks since my last adjustment when my head went bang. I was playing Australian rules football at the time. This had nothing to do with it, it just happened and I think the same for chiro. Had an adjustment today and all fine. He did the neck thing no worries. I tend to agree with skippy, if it’s gonna go, it’s gonna go. BTG is great. All us survivors have a long road to travel. It has bumps, twists and turns. It also has some better sections. It’s comforting to know that we’re not travelling it alone. All the best, I hope it goes well
  13. Hi everyone I’m about 4 weeks post now, I’ve had night sweats from since about a week after my nasah. Not every night. I generally will wake about 2am drenched when it happens. After that no more for the rest of the night. I’m pretty lucky, apart from the blood clot (which hopefully has dissolved), I’m recovering pretty well. I’ve got a great support network so my stress levels are pretty low. No dreams that I can remember so I just turn the pillow over and go back to sleep!
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