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  1. Penny, I must say I did not know they have an adjustable shunt lucky so far I have not problem other then the tube lump. I am always very tired it has been two year just have some strange sensations and my right ear always feels funny i just figure going to be like that rest of my life I also do not like it but it is part of us now, Sometimes feels like creepy crawlers running down by head. also it has been 2 years
  2. Yes, I have had a seizure 1 year after . Yes my right ear always feels clogged I keep asking the Doctor to check my ears. I also get dizzy if I turn my head to fast sometime the feeling of dread comes over me and I get scared. I have good days and bad days so I took an fmla a work to cover me when i dont come to work or I have to leave I am very can work and drive do you feel this way? Yes I do have problems with my eyes going back to eye Doctor yes I always feel worse in the head when getting a cold I am very luck to be alive but I feel i will never be the same trish I was before. Is that a normal feeling? Trish 1013
  3. Winb143 You are funny, Thank you for that!!! Creepy crawlies I can relate weird feeling. Are you always so tired?? Thank you Winb143 I am so happy you are doing great Trish
  4. Winb143 Hello Winb143 I have had my 2 years November 2018 I also have a short term memory I can plug my phone in to charge walk away and go into a panic because I can't find it lol. My question is do you still get extremely tired and dizzy at times any feeling strange in my head i panic does anybody feel that way, or how about when you get a cold does in feel funny, I wish you the best, Keep the stories coming I enjoy reading how every one is feeling.
  5. Hello Macca, Good For you!!! I am 2 years out November 4th 2018 I am 61 Years old I work 5 days a week when I can, it is getting hard. I am tired all the time. I would like to retire next year. I took an FMLA so when I don,t feel good I just get up and leave. Yes there is life after SAH, Tired and Anxiety and depressed but I am blessed to be here. I am very happy you are doing so well Macca Trish1013
  6. Hi johntaras I am 2 years out November 2018 I am also 61 years old, I still get very tired and have anxiety and get depressed and nervous with every strange feeling in my head. I also work but am able some weeks to work every day. I took an FMLA so when I dont feel good I just get up and leave. I changed my hours so I am done at 3 PM. I am very happy you are doing so well, I am so excited to hear how other people are doing. Please dont stop telling us how you are doing. Congratulations on doing so well Trish1013
  7. Hello Pat C, I am know as Pat D (Trish1013) I Reached my 2 years in November 2018 I still get very tired and also a fuzzy head any strange feelings in my head still scares me. I work also, changed my hours, you are right you have to do what is good for you. My sleep is not as good as it used to be, I always am so tired. I am trying to change my diet I am not the same person I used to be. I also get depressed, this site answers all my questions it is a great feeling to know you are not alone. I have some days I feel great and order days lousy. I took an FMLA at work, so I have to leave in the middle of the day, nothing is held against me. I work a little slower now but I am very blessed to still be here. Congratulations on your 2 years. Please keep posting how you are feeling. Hugs Back Pat D
  8. I am going into 2 years in November 2018 since my hemorrhage and my Shunt put in I have some I also had seizure back in February this year has any one else had a seizure I feel like my eyes are always dry and tired and are getting worse since my eye appointment last September I am going back to eye doctor this September does anyone experience problems with there eyes and ear when I get a cold it all feels worse because where the shunt is behind my ear I always feel clogged. Does anyone else feel this or had a seizure?
  9. hello Swishy, I had a SAH will be 2 years this November I also have a shunt. I get slight headaches and feel like I am in a fog alot. When i have sinus issues like allergis my head feels like a paper weight as it does today. I found that somedays are harder then others, stress at work does not help. I think eventually I will stop working I feel much better when i take off a couple days and I am not at work, something like this takes alot out of you. I know I am not the same person I was before so yes what you are feeling you are not alone.
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