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  1. Hello Swishy, It is great that you are doing so well I suffered from SAH about a year go also, I also have good days and bad some days I have so much energy other days I am so tired i can barely stay awake, I also had a Seizure right after my year it was mild but the medicine makes you tired I also feel dizzy sometimes I was wondering how you head feels did you have a coil or shunt i feel light headed some days. I am so happy you are doing so well Bless You Patricia
  2. Winb143 Thank you, I will try the warm salt water I have good days like you said where I am full if energy some days i can barely move I realize I will never be who I was but that is ok I am alive. I only had the once Seizure so far have not had another one its hard to get used to the medicine and that was February 4th. I agree we are in for a long haul but we will get there Stay Happy and laugh alway Best wishes to you Pat
  3. Thank you Melissa I occasionally get small headaches and some shooting pain every once in a while in the area, the hardest thing for me is I feel like I am in a fog some days are better then others and becoming very forgetful I am s o happy for you that you did not need a clip or a shunt. I hope different medicine can help your headaches that is wonderful that your bleed sealed itself. I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST
  4. Hello My name is Pat I had a Subarachnoid Hemorrhage on 11-4-16 I was at work and collapsed and my heart stopped. Thank God for my co-worker who got my heart started again. I do not remember anything except waking up alive in the hospital and asking my family what happened to me. I remember nothing, I was only in the hospital a short time, I was transferred to rehab for therapy, i was very blessed. My Son was getting married on New Years eve and I pushed myself to walk again, With my son holding on to me, I was able to slow dance with him. So I did not miss his wedding. I am truly blessed I have a Grandson who was my rock. I knew I had to get better for him. Its been almost two years in November 2018, I am back to work . I didn't remember everything at first but my co-workers were wonderful. I still forget things and sometimes have these weird feelings like spiders crawling in my hair and also very tired. All I can say is Thank God for my family and friends. A year later I had a Focal Seizure and now on medicine that was three months ago. Does any one else have these funny feelings in your head or had a seizure. I know your body does not want this shunt, its what i have in my head. My life is mostly back to normal, except for being exhausted a lot. I get up and go to work so that is a plus. WE ARE ALL SO BLESSED.
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