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  1. I'm sorry to read that people have felt abandoned by family and partners. I am only a few weeks out and my SAH was very minor (dr. said 3-6 months months recovery), but still need another angiogram. People seemed very upset and concerned (certainly my family), but I feel like the abandonment is about them and people sometimes don't have the depth to understand or take the time. Perhaps they are fearful themselves. I think people can be quite insensitive. Also, in the very beginning it's fresh and then people don't realize how we look fine but perhaps are struggling. Maybe it's so serious that
  2. Hi, and thanks in advance for any thoughts. i suffered a very minor SAH a little over 2 weeks ago, after I was very stressed working towards my masters degree, and right after I hung up the phone with my father who had to go to the hospital and was being difficult and I was worried. I went to the hospital after that sudden, awful headache and pain in my neck. They saw a small bleed but after angiogram, MRI, CT scan, and 10 days in the hospital no aneurysm, source and it showed that it had "resolved." The ICU stay was traumatic and scary, waiting for a potential vasospasm which neve
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