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  1. Hi Clare and others - I hope I am responding correctly, so please like if you get this. On 12/9 (2 months ago), after a very stressful phone call from my dad who was ill and wouldn't go to the hospital, I sat back down in my stressful social work internship and got a lightning bolt headache and my blood pressure had gone from normal to very high. I thought it was anxiety, but later that night I went to the ER and they immediately after CT scan said they see blood on my brain. Long story short, I had a Subarachnoid Hemorrhage, numerous angiograms - they never found an aneurysm. It was in the 10-15% where they never found a source, so that was fortunate for me. It could have been a spontaneous vein burst. I was in Intensive Care for 10 days to make sure I didn't have a vasospasm. When I went for my follow up MRI a few weeks later, I had cerebellar siderosis (which is basically iron deposits on your brain) - I read up on it and it says it sometimes happens after multiple bleeds, although my bleed was very small. My dr. said he's not worried about it unless it grows, so I have to check in 6 months. I have tolerated things very very well, but I get a headache when I get stressed. (Is that the way the universe is telling me I cannot get stressed)? ugh. I did have another MRI when I was a bit off balance a couple of weeks ago, but there had been no change. The neurosurgeon told me that people can get iron deposits on their brain from even falling. He said the recovery will be about 3-6 months. I do find now, the middle of my semester is coming and I am getting more stressed. I keep telling myself that no matter what, I must remain calm. Nothing is more important than my life. So that is my full story. I can study, I can speak fine, I just feel headachy sometimes, sometimes weak. The water suggestion is a great one - sometimes I forget to drink water. I did listen to Dr. Sanjay Gupta's book on brain health and it had some really great information.
  2. Hi everyone I have trouble navigating this site, so I hope I'm doing this the right way. I am 3 months post subarachnoid hemorrhage, non aneurysmal. I have gone back to school and tried to not stress out and have been pretty successful, but - I have iron deposits that have formed on my brain as a result of the bleed. One question - has anyone had these and what symptoms have you had and two - I get burning in my head when I get the slightest bit upset. Has anyone had this burning in your head? And does it ever go away? Thanks so much. Debbie
  3. Hi! I'm writing from NY and I'm scheduled to go for my follow-up angiogram. I had a mild SAH and they have not found any cause. I was in Intensive Care for 10 days, and have been home since to late December. I did have an emergency angiogram at the hospital, but now he wants to just be sure that there is no aneurysm showing up and check that all is ok. I am worried and my head keeps going to the possibility of a complication, like they say you can have a stroke. Last time all was fine but a small leak in my groin. I have been feeling really well. Headaches and burning in my head and neck starting to really subside. Does anyone have any advice for fear in going to a follow up angiogram? I know the stats are small of major complication but I'm still really afraid thinking do I really need this and if I do that's fine but what if I'm fine now and come out with something wrong? I trust my neurosurgeon, so that is a comfort of sorts to me. We are having a major snowstorm and I don't know if I'll even be able to get there! Thanks so much. Best, Debbie
  4. I'm sorry to read that people have felt abandoned by family and partners. I am only a few weeks out and my SAH was very minor (dr. said 3-6 months months recovery), but still need another angiogram. People seemed very upset and concerned (certainly my family), but I feel like the abandonment is about them and people sometimes don't have the depth to understand or take the time. Perhaps they are fearful themselves. I think people can be quite insensitive. Also, in the very beginning it's fresh and then people don't realize how we look fine but perhaps are struggling. Maybe it's so serious that folks can't deal with it. I was in Intensive Care for 10 days in Covid, and couldn't see anyone. I felt abandoned in the ICU. I felt like I was back being a child and my mother wasn't there for me, and I was so afraid. So afraid and shocked and overwhelmed. I cried and cried sometimes and on occasion a nurse might not have been so compassionate and it made me cry. Then my therapist told me after I got out she is not equipped to deal with something like this (talk about abandonment)! This just showed me who she was. Not very kind. And probably afraid herself. It's really a lot, so I believe everyone should honor their own grief and feelings and honor that it is difficult. Pain on abandonment certainly is real and I respect it.
  5. Hi, and thanks in advance for any thoughts. i suffered a very minor SAH a little over 2 weeks ago, after I was very stressed working towards my masters degree, and right after I hung up the phone with my father who had to go to the hospital and was being difficult and I was worried. I went to the hospital after that sudden, awful headache and pain in my neck. They saw a small bleed but after angiogram, MRI, CT scan, and 10 days in the hospital no aneurysm, source and it showed that it had "resolved." The ICU stay was traumatic and scary, waiting for a potential vasospasm which never came. I'm in NJ and the hospital was amazing and drs were amazing. They said it was one of the smallest they've seen. I never lost consciousness, just had a very bad headache and neck ache. I feel overwhelmed coming home, very sensitive to noise, and a bit tired because of the seizure medicines i think. I am scared and wonder if anyones symptoms completely subside? I'm scared. thank you.
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