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  1. Thanks for the replies. I just have so many questions: 1. Driving. Can I drive? I am waiting for my one-month follow-up. 2. Caffeine. Can I have it? I miss my tea. 3. Is it normal to have a great day and then sleep almost all of the next? 4. Massage. Can I get a massage? My neck and shoulders are sore and I would love one. I am not asking for medical advice; just what you all experienced. 😊
  2. Well, I had a PMNASAH two and a half weeks ago and I just want to be back to normal. Like you, Clare, I tend to push myself but I am noticing that the more I do, the worse the headache later. I also have weird things happening, like muscle spasms in my back on the side of the bleed. Plus, I feel super anxious at night. Is that normal? Any advice on that?
  3. Clare, Thank you so much for your reply. I feel so alone in this because so few people actually go through it. I am having trouble telling if I am tired or fatigued or overreacting but I am just going to take it slow. The hardest part will be letting go and taking it day by day. I want to set goals, etc. but I have no idea how much time until I see (or even if I will see) improvements. I just want to feel normal but that seems like a ways off. I am going to try to walk every day and then start weights once I get the buy-in from my neuro. I think I might be like you - it’s not the physical but the mental that really exhausts me. e
  4. Hi all! I am exactly two weeks from my PMH. I was released from the ICU after 12 days so I am trying to figure out how to recover. Prior to the PMH, I exercised 2+ hours a day (weights and cardio), did not drink/do drugs/smoke, and am a healthy weight. I am so fatigued but want to slowly work up to where I was. I walked a mile this morning and then my head hurt (whomp whomp) but it pretty much hurts every day as the blood is clearing from my brain. I have searched for resources and there are so few. Can I have caffeine? I have not had any but should I be afraid to? Can I get my heart rate up and if so, when? I see a neuro doc this week and he should have ideas. Would love any tips for recovery (multivitamin?) or resources. I am sure this is posted all the time so thank you to all who answer. It means a lot and I feel super isolated because PMHs are so rare.
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