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    I was born in Trenton NJ on October 19th 1949 in Mercer Hospital. I attended Rowan school, Maple shade, Grice Junior High and Hamilton High west . After a brief job in the printing business I opted to join the USAF, serving in Texas, Florida, Colorado North Carolina and Germany.I returned to Trenton and after a short stay as a lab tech with NJ dept of Health I landed a job with NJ Bel l/ Verizon from where I retired from in 2007 after 36 years.
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    Trenton NJ
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    Politics, Cooking, guitar and Cleo the cat
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    I had a mid cerebral artery clipped 2012

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  1. Just checking in, it was 4 years to the day that I had my surgery. I am feeling good and I exercise every other day. I am not sure if I want to have an angiogram next year or not since my aneurysm was diagnosed when I was 62 and it was the only one they found. I have been watching my BP and eating right. I hope everyone has a great New Year and just to let you all know that there are some of us that are still sane in the US and I am not voting for Trump. LOL
  2. This is great news, wishing you a full recovery. Harry
  3. Great news, wishing you a full recovery, take care.
  4. Good luck Jane, stay positive, I will send up some prayers for you.
  5. Best of luck with your recovery Jane. It was vertigo that led to the finding of my aneurysm, so in my case it might have been a good thing though not very pleasant.
  6. I am now just about 7 months post op and my Orthopedic surgeon said I don't have to see him anymore. I have full range of motion and all of my strength is just about back. Two more years until my 5 year angiogram, I seem to be OK so I am not going to sweat it. The good news is I can sleep on my injured side again without pain, which happens to be the same side that my aneurysm was on.
  7. That is good to know Louise, I am officially done with Physical Therapy, but continue to do the exercises at home.
  8. I am 3 + months post surgery, I have full range of motion but not much strength yet. The doctor said it will take a year. I was able to get an MRI with all of this hardware in my head.
  9. Had my first MRI the other day of my shoulder, I was a little anxious with this hardware store inside my head. I have a torn rotator cuff and I am having surgery today to repair it. The recovery from brain surgery is nothing compared to this.
  10. Normal (A2/A2): Better avoidance of errors. Normal OCD risk, normal Tardive Diskinesia risk, lower ADHD risk. Less Alcohol dependence. Higher risk of Postoperative Nausea. Lower obesity. Bupropion is effective. This DRD2 TaqIA A2/A2 version causes a normal amount of Dopamine Receptors. Learns from mistakes more easily. Men may have a higher risk of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder but lower risk of ADHD. Women have higher Persistence. Higher risk of Tardive Diskinesia when taking dopamine receptor antagonists. Lower risk of alcoholism and smoking addiction. Faster recovery from traumatic brain injury. 1.6x risk of early postoperative nausea within 6 hours of surgery. Bupropion (Wellbutrin, Budeprion, Prexaton, Elontril, Aplenzin, Zyban, Voxra) works to quit smoking. Lower obesity due to incr...
  11. I had my DNA tested at 23 and Me, one of my genetic traits for what it is worth is I have the ability to recover quickly from traumatic brain injury.I hope everyone had a nice Easter and I wish you all well.
  12. This is the Doctor that clipped my aneurysm, he has a ground breaking treatment for stroke victims that excede the current time frame. http://www.capitalhealth.org/medical-services/brain-spine/Neuroscience%20Notes%20Newsletter/Neurosurgeon%20Says%20Change%20in%20Stroke%20Treatment%20Criteria%20Needed%20to%20Save%20Lives
  13. Don't they ring you up and let you know? Just don't get yourself all worked up again, I probably had my aneurysm for years, and I have hypertension. just keep telling yourself you are going to get it fixed and that the alternative is not an option. you and I are among the lucky ones as our aneurysms were found before they ruptured. You will be fine. Harry
  14. Hope all goes well and you get the best possible prognosis. Harry:-D
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