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  1. Thanks Allison, good to hear. I think my episode was similar to yours, so hopefully I'll be as lucky. Already down to mild headaches, mostly from noise or too much activity. I am definitely improving daily though, with occasional set backs. Just got the word from the FAA, definitely off flying for at least a year..
  2. Ah man! Was just about to jump! I'll stick to skydiving then.. My back is already doing better. For a couple of days, every time I would stand up, a shocking pain would put me back down. I still feel it, but the pain is pretty much gone. Have to stick to my "Lucky" monicker!
  3. That makes a lot of sense, glad I asked, and thank you everyone. Don't tell my wife, as yesterday she was trying her darnest to adjust my back! It never offered any relief. Here I am getting around to responding at around 3 am (11 am for my UK friends..good morning!) as when I turned in bed the pain almost made me yell out.. That's the bad. The good is I've been off pain meds now for almost 2 days. No big headaches, only a constant dull reminder that the blood is still there, with a slight ring in my ears too. Winbe143, I will keep walking, and I'll cherish the "Lucky" name. Some day you ju
  4. That is a great analogy! Back in high school, a friend sandblasted his intake manifold on an old Bronco, didn't clean it right, and proceeded to lunch his engine. I guess in a way I too will need a complete rebuild! Thank you both for the nice welcome and great advice. Funny thing, I always really limit video games with my boys...30 min/ day max only if they are doing well in school...but I find it a good way for me to force myself to relax, and not think about strenuous activities! I think the are kind of mad at me now.. They are surely looking at me funny because I never play on the thing
  5. Doing some searching, and got confused. Apparently within NASAH there are two categories defined by the type of hemorrhage; perimesencephalic And aneurymal. The first being the most common, especially in young males. (Turning 40 this year, I still qualify right?) Both are under the NASAH classification. I guess it has to do with the location of the blood? Anyone know? Is one worse off than the other?
  6. Wow you guys are all so great, informative, and supportive. It is a strange place to be, trying to explain to everyone what happened, trying to justify my pajamas in the afternoon and my lack of shaving! I am forcing myself to drink almost ridiculous amounts of water, after hearing that from all of you. I think I actually feel better when doing so too. Today was my best day yet. I had to keep reminding myself to slow down, and here I am in the afternoon and not sleeping because of the few things I did. MaryB...you are fortunate to live near IU Methodist, I keep hearing how lucky I was. They
  7. Thank you both. I've gleaned pretty quickly that I am lucky in how mild mine apparently was. I am a very high energy person and frankly scared I may not get that back. Funny you mention listening to your body. Just got "shut down" after very little getting around. Everyone keeps telling me to take it easy, but that seams to be pretty automatic!Thanks for the warm welcome! After seeing the rarity of it, it's nice finding a place with understanding ears. The hospital was basic allying telling me to take it easy, and I will fully recover. Not much more than that. Of course, I always tell people h
  8. Hello all, My first post. I just got back from the hospital 3 days ago, trying to learn what I'm in for. I fly a private jet, and had a very busy week...lots of flying, weather, early days...and finally had a break in Indianapolis. Still had a busy day, but starting late. After breakfast with my co-pilot, went to my room to change for the gym. I never get headaches of any kind, so when a very bad one radiated from the back/bottom of my head I knew I was in trouble. I'm sure you can all relate...but something about the pain told me to worry. I immediately unlatched my door, and called John, my
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